Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yep, its been a while...

Well, what a month... or two... I have to appologise for how slack I've been with this blog. In my defense I haven't been sitting in my room twiddling my thumbs and purposefully blowing it of. Then again if I'm appologising to any one its really just my future self (the only person that will ever really care about the thoroughness of my records).

Moving on, in order to keep this entry from expanding into the next dimension I'll try and just cover the basics of what I've been doing...

Work.. there was three weeks there were it was almost nothing but.. that is until I got fired and now in contrast its been a few days of pj wearing relaxation. Why did I get fired you ask... well to be honest, your guess is as good as mine. If I was quick to emotion and furious about the whole thing I'd say its because my boss was a complete nut job with no thought of anyones feelings but her own. But I'm not, and in hindsight I guess I just did something that rubbed her the wrong way... I have no idea though how I went from Golden child, "do it like Lesley does, well done for helping us get 98 our of 100 for our surprise inspection" goodness, to "You don't fit in here" ~sigh~ but what's done is done, and I now have no excuses not to catch up on art projects left by the waste side.

Rest assured it hasn't been all work and no play - there were a few Cha days mixed in there. A She and Him concert which was so excellently dream like I'm glad there was a witness there I can confirm with that it actually happened.

Took a visit to the LA Natural History museum to take a look at bones, bugs and bisons... we even stumbled across a live show that included a "Scientartist" - thats Scientist and artist combined (not my idea) - and a roaming roaring Dinosaur. There's nothing like watching small children wet themselves with fear... make that anyone... Don't judge me, how many times in your life have you waited behind a door to scare someone.. go on be honest!

Saw Kick Ass at the movies, which I really really enjoyed. If your still wondering whether or not to see it, I thoroughly recommend it - just um, don't bring the kids.

Tony and I also visited Whimsical Alley. SO AWESOME, I was geeking out so much I was worried I'd start hyperventilating. If I wasn't broke right now I would have walked out with a full set of Hogwarts robes and a wand... Oh and a quill set thrown in for accentuated authenticity. For other Harry Potter fans out there I recommend checking out their website, full of everything a budding young wizard.. or witch, could need ^_^

After almost killing ourselves to get to the shop it was then straight to the LMU third year animation screenings to cheer on the gang - CONGRATS again guys - the films were absolutely awesome!

And finally just a small comment (as I'm sure has been previously mentioned) on how many crazy people I seem to attract or find myself in the vicinity of. The other day while catching the bus I honestly felt like I'd walked into the twilight zone. Either that or a very elaborate hoax. When I arrived at the stop I was pulled into conversation with an epileptic that regaled me on the problems with her husband and attempt to be published in order to show the world what its really like to be an epileptic. Then attempting once again to read I was interrupted by a girl singing Michael Jackson songs at the top of her lungs... badly... to the point were even the crazy guy behind me was telling her to shut up.

On the bus we were joined by a homeless man a few stops in who was promptly told by the singing girl that he stunk and had he ever heard of shower, finally removing herself from the bus after liberally spraying him with deodorant. It was squashy the whole way thanks to the bus being late, so I made friends with a man sitting down who offered to hold my bag. Finally arriving at Glendale I couldn't believe that in only a couple of hours I'd been squashed, pushed, yelled out, sang at, complained to and generally just plain wigged out.

I can only imagine what the future holds ^_^

PS. if I happened to have missed anything - let me know :)