Friday, July 31, 2009

Sketch a holic ^_^

Hey guys

I'll keep this short... which makes sense as not a lot happened yesterday... although I do have a GIANT blister on my foot from walking around for so long... I spent the morning drawing, trying to get back into the swing so I wouldn't be too rusty at the sketch meeting that night (worried about drawing a dodgy pic in some one's sketch book).

Then after some lunch I headed out to the mall to hand out some resume's. At most places it was the same deal "sorry we're not hiring right now" but a couple of people sounded positive so fingers crossed I can get some work with them, there was a few others that said I needed to apply online but unfortunately you need windows to run the program, so there goes that idea (although I'm thinking there might be a library around here that I can use...) oh wow, I just got a call from the CIEE people asking if I had a job yet (way to rub it in people)

with sore feet and a worn out smile I decided to head home - I did quickly stop into this t-shirt printing place, its a little too expensive for one off printing (waaay more than the first place i went to) which means I'll have to find somewhere else I think. Once at home I had some dinner and waited for Alina to pick me up for the sketch meeting.

It was soooo much fun! I was a little nervous at first as everyone was really good! but after a few sketches I really started to relax, and by the end I didn't want to leave, I was also given a ton of pics to take home, everyones variation of me ^_^ I thought I'd show them here...

Oh and if your looking for photos from my trip - head to my facebook page, they're all up (with comments)

These are some of mine (I finished drawing everyone so I started doing some for myself)

These were some of the ones given to me ^_^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh dear its DEAR! (wow I think my titles are getting lamer and lamer)

Hey Bloggers, bloggets and wee little blogeroos

Today was a little more relaxed, but some how a lot more painful...I woke mid morning to the sound of gentle typing and bery stiff legs and back (I think the shoulder bag is making me lopsided) then mumbling a good morning to Michaela, I stumbled downstairs for toast and yogurt then plonked myself on the bed determined to sought out the stack of cards I had collected over the course of Comic con.

It took me almost 5 hours to do (minus some time for a lunch break) but I made it! woohoo, I even got a couple of replies in that time, which was really encouraging! unfortunately none live in Burbank so they were mostly messages of "keep going" "need any help don't hesitate to message" and that kinda thing. So feeling saintly I decided to head out around three thirty for a walk down to the mall. As I walked down my street I was stopped by crossing dear (no joke there was 5 of them and a little baby!) just wondering around our neighborhood, then once I made it to the shops picked up a Taro tea and did some hard core browsing.

I found a nice white belt that I was going to draw on but unfortunately its too small (never occurred to me that belts come in different sizes) plus its non-refundable as it was a closing down sale.. aggh well, I'll grab another one tomorrow. Also whilst in Pink Berry a girl commented on my shirt!
"Hey can I see you shirt"
"Wow thats soo cute!!"
"Really? thanks...actually I made it..well I mean its my design"
"Shutup!! for real??"
"Yeah" (smile)
"Do have like a website or something with more stuff on it?"
Then a couple of the other girls she worked with wanted to have a look, so yeah I'm now seriously considering making some t-shirts up to sell!..... Any one interested?

After yet more browsing watching the sun slowly sink behind the mountains and finding this killer bookstore that looks like it could break records with how many books the guy managed to fit in ... "excuse me where is the comis book section""see that pile on the floor...yep thats it" ^_^ I decided to catch the bus home, stopping along the way to pick up a magazine and double check I had coinage (you always need exact change).

Hungry and thirsty I had dinner when I got home. Later as I walked past the other girls room and saw their decorations I decided our room needed a little touching up, so grabbing Brad, together we put up a few posters, it looks so much better - Brad:"Thats better, now its more you" ^_^ You said it mate! I also got to chat with Luce and Uncle Steve on Skype which was nice, as well as answer a few more replies from the letters I sent out to people :)

Matt got back to me - so hopefully I'll be able to spend a little time at Disney this week
and tomorrow Alina is picking me up for a late night sketch session at a local cafe with a group of artists which should be really fun!

Well my friends
thats all for now


Flick to Flickr my friends ^_^

Hey guys - if your hanging out for photos of the con

I met a girl in one of the panels taking photos and asked if she
was going to put them up - they're much nicer than mine and it
will give you a taste while I'm getting of my bum and putting my
own up ^_^

But I would walk 500 miles · And I would walk 500 more · Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles

Ok folks... here it is, another day in the life of me.. well you wanted it, I mean thats why your here right? unless you just stumbled across this page accidentally, in which case I apologise for wasting your time so far, and suggest you move on to the site you intended to get to in the first place ^_^

For those that for some reason are here on purpose heres what happened... I got up late to discover a person lying next to me... no not in my bed, in the one next to me... after stumbling down stairs for some breaky (had porridge opposite Brads mum) then internet browsing for a while, my new roomie started to Stir. Turns out her name is Micheala, she's from Indonesia and is very nice! we had a little chat rugged up in our pink silk doonas about room rules, our general sleep patterns and why we are here. She's 23 and is studying film at the university next to universal studios (she even gets to shoot on the back-lot).

Once I'd finished doing a few net tasks I got dressed and politely declining a lift, slip, slop, slapped for a trip to the shops. Well, what a trip it was, as I walked glenoaks looking for local shops (emergency food) and any places job worthy (community centre that has day camps and children's workshops) I FINALLY made it to the downtown shopping centre were I proceeded to browse, slurp down a giant taro slushy with pearls then settle at mongolian for lunch.

After a good look at all the shops on offer I set out for Disney.. another hour or more later I finally made it, same deal the guards stopped me from going far, but I was in there longer than last time (muahahaha) I didn't bother hanging around and instead of mopping headed straight up olive to Nickelodeon (stopped by social security office to freshen up and get water) where I got inside! the security guard at the gate was this really nice old guy that took my inside to the security office. I didn't manage to talk to anyone important, however I did get some great info about the internship from one of the guards who's doing it as we speak, as well as a look around the studio and a some more water ^_^

Tired and sore from all the walking I headed to Pink Berry for a pick me up as well as picked up an application (yay for free yogurt and money if I get to work there teeheee). Whilst waiting for Brad to pick me up and take me food shopping I got them some little chocolates as a thank you then it was of to Trader Joes for some groceries and a chat with brad about more house rules and how to get around.

That night I had to decline an invite to dinner by Brad as Tanitha (my next room neighbour) offered to take me to a comedy show at 11. We ended up at the Shabu Shabu place above the Chinese Man for dinner, and after eating ourselves stupid rolled to the show for a laugh and then it was back home to bed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The day after...

Hey everyone

So this will definitely definitely be a pretty short one (I can hear the halelua chorus) - don't blush..I know your all busy people ^_^

I got to sleep in for a start Woohoo... when till you ask.. ok 8:30 but to my defense I am still slightly on Sydney time. Any way I rolled myself out of bed at 9ish (tough to do on the top bunk) and after having a miner freak out that I couldn't find my key (and was busting to go to the toilet) finally found it and made my way to the bathroom and then breaky.

The morning was spent online, and wondering around the mall eating, browsing and wasting time. After a trip round the block I was bored and decided to collect my things and head to the station. I made the mistake of thinking I could walk as thats how I'd got to the hostel but forgetting i now had two extra bags by the time I got there I was dying! teehee

Whilst waiting I chatted to a fellow Con attendee then when on the train, stretched out and slept most of the way. Brad picked my up from North Hollywood station and when I arrived I was shown around the house and introduced to the new addition (Amber had the baby while I was away - a little boy called Bradley who is very cute... and SOO tiny ^_^)

I unpacked my things, had a proper shower.. with proper soap! and then curled up in my OWN bed and fell asleep in about two seconds....agghh for the small pleasures in life.

Over and out

Oh I've decided to put photos on my facebook, as it takes too long here...

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm pee'd out!

I woke at 6:30 (no luck with the sleep in) and knowing I was meeting Pascal and Alina at 8 I burried my head in the pillow a little longer, but as the noise on the street picked up and the sheets began sticking to my skin with the rise in humidity I rolled out of bed for a handful of nuts, wash of my face and a slow trip down to the Marriot.

Calling Pascal to let him know I'd arrived and seeing Alina we made our way to the breakfast buffet. I was so excited, the first proper breaky since I've been here... the smell of eggs and bacon were wafting from the sparking silver dishes with an array of fruit (mango included!) sat calling my forth beside it.. We saw Pascal and just as I was about to mention minding the table while I gorged myself he said "So starbucks? bagel and coffee? the Breakfast here is pretty expensive" I could have cried! But I settled for some yogurt and an entire packet of fruit and nuts resolving today I would get a pretzel as soon as I was inside!

I waited with Alina at the professionals entrance till 9:30, snuck my way in with the jostling crowd and stayed on the floor for a while to show Alina a few things, then saying goodbye, promising her I'd make her an omelet when I saw her next and dumping my stuff I headed to the PR booths for an interview with Cartoon network. I met Tom again looking worse for wear and waited till 10 to go in. It went well, "you have the stuff, you just need to package it" then once I mentioned I'd be here for a year she looked shocked and said "Oh really? oh in that case, heres my card, call me when your in burbank and we'll have coffee" ^_^

Thanking her I ran to my first panel (how to draw monsters) - not too bad, got some helpful tips, then I ran over to the other side of the convention to my next panel were I learnt about cartoon voice overs (funny stuff) There was this old guy on the panel that started laughing at one stage at one of the jokes by another panelist - it was one of those laughs that gets everyone going, so soon we were all rolling around in stitches! :D

It was around 2, so wanting to get the most out of my final hours at CC I spent the next few hours on the floor spending up a storm saying goodbye to all my idols and introducing myself to a few more (I met the Johanne who does Horace - and CHRIS SANDERS!)
As a voice crackled over the loud speaker telling everyone CC was now over I stayed back to help all the guys pack up and move all the boxes down to the car "wow Les your a friggin trooper.." :) After the free books and prints its the least I could do!

After an hour of sorting. packing, loading, puffing, sweating and laughing hysterically when the wheels on our dolly went flat and started to fall of (plus there was an awesome walkway covered in sticky-tape that popped when you stepped on it....its the small things) we said good bye to a few people then Martin, Mike, Pascal, Vin and I went to Joe's Clam Shack for a well earned meal!

We had a blast there till 11, talking about artists, the Con, our plans and teasing MArtin for his horrible choice in cocktails (ordered for everyone... Mike's was the funniest - shark attack - the guy that served it put it on the table then suddenly started screaming about a shark attack as he whipped a little plastic shark out and poured some red liquid it had in its throat into the drink)
It was a night of dancing waitresses, good meals and excellent company but all too soon it was time to go, and exchanging cards and hugs we said goodbye and I was dropped at my hostel promised of a place to stay and maybe even a job when I come to san fran ^_^

I grabbed yogurt after chatting to the guys that were up (guy in yogotango gave me an extra large serving for the price of a small (so nice)) then talking about my plans and being told to sign my work for when I become famous (seriously nice guy from texas). I tried writing in my blog (fell asleep between dot points) then headed to bed!

AND that my faithful bloggers and blogeroos was COMIC-CON 2009!

until tomorrow

P.S> don't worry I'm sure the entries will be a lot shorter from now on ^_^

PP.S for those that are cocktail drinkers... you should try poprocks in your drink - Martin had one and it was the funniest thing ever ^_^

PPP.S The title of the blog is referring to how much Pee in the wind merchandise I have... not how much I've urinated in the last few days... just thought I'd clarify...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

They like me, they really like me!

(before you start this I advise grabbing some sustenance as its a long one)

Ok firstly I'd like to acknowledge that so much seems to be happening in a day this weekend that I seem to be leaving things out, for example yesterday I forgot to mention that I met one of the guys who founded animation mentor and was told to email him if I ever wanted to join up.

That said, I'll now try my best to include everything (well the important stuff any way... I won't be telling you about my toilet breaks and such) then again it is 1am so technically its yesterday and it already seems to be fading into the blur that is comic con 09.

It began the usual way, finding myself in the exhibit hall line at 7 I decided instead to sign up for interviews as Nicolodeon was on its last day. I waited for 2 and half hours and chatting to a couple of guys that were at the Eisner awards, in fact their friend had won for Tiny Titans (they been Kazu's Amulet for best childrens publication) so they'd been celebrating till four (and I was complaing about going to bed at 12:30..).

The line expanded quickly and before we knew it we were being yelled at to disapate "People NO LINING there can be NO LINE! you can pace the floor or sit down BUt DON'T stand there!" The poor guy got so sick of everyone ignoring him that he created a line on the other side of the chairs, when we asked him if it was just a scam to make them follow orders he smiled and said "Hey they're the ones that wanted a line"... classic

After getting my name on Nic, Disney's and Stone Archs lists I dropped a few things of with Pascal and headed back upstairs to.. you guessed it... wait some more! My Nicoldeon interview went great! They really loved my stuff and said I need to apply for the internship as it would be prefect for me and I'd probably be hired through that, they also said to mention then when I sent my stuff in as they didn't want me "falling between the cracks"

Buzzing from their enthusiasm and the kindness of my new friend Chris (really nice guy that lives with his wife in the red woods near San Fran) I went to tell Pascal and the others the good news, then grabbed my lunch and went back to sit out the others, unfortunately I missed out on the James Jean Pannel while there in the freezing cold as well as not making it to Disney (got to 25 - I was 34) But I did make it to Stone Arch to apply for illustrating their childrens novels, they said I was a great artist but they want me to send them some progressions - pictures that tell a story.

Before leaving for my first "how to" panel I signed up with Impact publishing (how to books) then made my way to room 18... Finding it not what I expected I snuck back out (not very conspicuously I might add as there was only 5 people in the room) to the costume designers panel happening upstairs. It went later than I intended so rushing back PR I arrived as they were calling my name.

The Lady really liked my stuff and was relieved that I had actual experience teaching (I think I was the only one of the day) So gave me all the details and said to pitch the company with an idea for my how to book... I'm thinking of modeling it of the class's I teach at Cranbrook. The good news kept coming as I took up a spot in the line to chat with the ladies from the Costume design panel. My accent caught the attention of a young girl and her mum and we started discussing art and why I was here, it turned out they loved my t-shirt and was wondering if I soled them! (I told them to keep a look out on my blog cos its coming soon ^_^)

After a "what is animation" panel (looked at different forms) and a weird goodbye to a guy I met inside (we were laughing about what we saw on screen and had a little chat outside) I went to shake his hand and he went in for a hug then it was like a "do I don't I" on both parts for a few seconds until I finally grabbed his hand, shook it and nodded as he gave me a card to keep in touch... Who hugs someone after a 30 second conversation?... very strange

I stopped by to say hello to the actress that plays the large nun in Sister act (not as nice and happy in person...shame) then chilled out with Pascal and Michael for a while, I also met Alina who is really nice! (she sends me her blog updates)

After a few more meet and greets with industry guys we packed up ("you have to leave now the doors are shutting") and about 20 of us headed to dinner and a sketch crawl at a gelato place nearby. I even got to have a good convo about sushi with Cheeks (one of my idols) as he and his wife are coming down to Oz for their honeymoon (I was reguiling them about the joys of sushi trains). Getting tired and contemplating the walk home it was group hug time with the people that I won't see for a while and a long trip back (got lost... twice... Alex I really do have no sense of direction!)

yours faithfully

Saturday, July 25, 2009

make it count!

Hey Guys

Well it was another fun filled, always entertaining (unless your lining up in the sun and there's no one to talk to)CRAZY, surreal, long ass day at the con. But I survived (yay me!) just...

I write to you tonight from the Eisner awards (the oscars for comics) listening to the gentle hum of people mingling and the croozy sound of jazz traveling over head. Squashed in between two reasonably large people (happy for the warmth) I'll try not only to keep this brief but also hopefully make sense as after only getting about four hours sleep last night my brain is not functioning at the higher level... or any level in fact.

This morning I got up at five (dam you internal alarm) and quickly having breaky and grabbing the stuff I'd prepared earlier that night I headed down to join the line. I got to chat with a really nice girl whilst waiting to get into the convention centre, and a really nice man (george) whilst waiting to get into the Exhibit hall.

Once in I was on a mission to find Joe Moshier for Tony and tell him TBOZ says hi(mission success) He happened to be at Chris's Pea booth (Joe is actually the founder) and after a good chat about Tony and showing him my work, I got to meet his friend from Disney who said she'll give my stuff to someone who matter!!!!!! ^_^ (fingers and toes crossed for that one folks)

(HEy ant Remy's on stage presenting an award ^_^)
(oooh Coraline just won best comic for teens and tweens... OH MY GOD NEIL'S ON STAGE)!!

Ok I'm back ^_^ So giggling with girlish excitement all the way to my next line I chatted to a girl named Mindy while we tried to get our names on the list for Nicolodeon's Portfolio review. The good news is I got on... the bad news, I missed out on the line for the Coraline and didn't make it in :( So it was straight down to Hall H for a three and a half hour wait in the sun chatting with a group around my age about the legends of Disney, Australia, and a bunch of other things. In fact we've all decided to go to the Disney Festival together later in the year which should be really fun ^_^

FINALLY getting into the panel for Disney (Lasseter, Clements, Musker, Miozaki and a bunch of others) I was faced with the choice to either stay or leave for my interview... Safe to say once John had recieved his standing ovation, my 3D glasses were on and the starting bars of Toy story 2 bellowed through the sub boofers into my chest my decision was made for me and I was dazzled for the next few hours whilst my idols ecplained the work going on in their respective studios over the next few years or so!

I was next found running up to Ballroom 20 to get into ANOTHER long long LOOOOONG line to try and see Bones, then Dollhouse presented by JOss whedon and Eliza Dusku. This time I befriended some weirder folk (but entertaining all the same) and knowing we had missed bones (line was too long) we high fived (yes James literally.. its cool here!) as was made it through to see Joss.

I even asked a question in that one, "Hey joss, thanks for hiring an Australian actress and letting her keep her accent, that said, how come Doll house isn't showing in Australia... only on Pay tv??
Bottom line (after being explained by the Australian actress what that meant) he's gonna send a memo ("you live in an awful country" lol)

Ok the guys that wrote Night at the museum were just on and they were HYSTERICAL!

Next up I headed back on the floor to chat with Michael and Pascal for an hour (and getting given a card by one of the guys that heads animation mentor saying if I ever want to join he'll make sure it happens!) I declined a dinner invite with the whole gang and made my way (with yogurt in hand) to the Eisner awards (and l'm glad I did - so thanks for making me go MIchael ^_^)

I can't wait for tomorrow!
over and out

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buttons buttons who's got the buttons??

Hey guys

Right now I'm sitting in a hall of 500 die hard "Dr Horrible's sing along blog" fans singing along to the screen, shouting out call backs and waving their hands in the air. ITS AWESOME! If you haven't heard of it I suggest checking it out, its extremely funny and directed by Joss Whedon ^_^

Today was crazy!! I got up around 6, snuck out of the room with everything I had prepared last night, checked out, had breaky and after grabing a pre-made salad from Ralphs took up my spot in the line to get into the hall ^_^

My first panel was ASTRO BOY with KRISTEN BELL!! she wasn't doing autographs but it was cool just to be up close, not to mention there was some excellent insights into the film and I got to see Freddy Highmore all grown up! I left after trying to battle my way to the front of the crowd to get Kristen's autograph (or even just touch her hand lol) and saying so long and see you again to Elliot (my friend from the line up) I had some time to get to my next panel with Scott McCloud (Dad he's the one that wrote understanding comics ^_^)

He was interviewing a really talented comic artist and was really funny (note to self... come up with a new word for "really"). Having eaten lunch in the line (salad with my bare hands because I was too tired to remember cutlery) and already been told that the portfolio review session for Lucusfilm was full, I had some time to kill in the exhibit hall. I had a quick look around and gave Pascal my computer to mind as it was now cutting deeply into my shoulder, then headed back upstairs to my next panel.

Trying and failing to sign up for the Disney Ink portfolio review session! My tears (metaphorical) were turned to joy when I saw ERIC GOLDBERG!!!! standing outside the door to the "20 years of Disney Master classes" and had a chat, got his autograph and a little picture of the jeanie (one of the things he animated) as well as gave him my CD to look at ^_^ (fingers crossed everyone)

The panel was SOOOOOO excellent I think I peed a little at one stage I was so excited! After it was more autographs including..... (trying to accumulate some suspense)....................... GLEN KEAN!!! (excuse me while I scream like a small 13 year old Twilight fan seeing Robert Pattterson in the flesh) AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH ^_^ I gave him my CD too... ~sigh~ so good

It was then a few more hours in the Exhibit hall to wonder artist alley, get more feedback on my work and a shit load of buttons!

After hanging with Pascal and his friends for a while (and taking a break in their booth) I grabbed my stuff, said goodbye for now and headed to the panel I'm in now...

Then It'll be straight back to the hostel, check back in and go to bed.... ready for tomorrow
Until then my friends

Your very dry mouthed lel ^_^
(there's so much to look at I realised I haven't actually closed my mouth in around three hours!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get out of my way Darth Vadar!!

This will be another short one as I kinda have to recuperate (then again I said that last time and it was still pretty long...)

HOLLY CAMOLY Comic-Con Is !@(*!@#^( BRILLIANT.. phew! This morning I picked my shirts up from Mission Valley and talked to some more people about phone deals... looks like I'm gonna have to settle for pre-paid. Then taking all my things back on the tram to the hostel I grabbed some yogurt and headed to the dorm to finish my CD packages for tomorrow.

While getting girly sticking sparkly stars and swirls to the covers and delicately slipping my cards in the sleeves I chatted with a German guy about girls and craft, then packing suncream, lunch, water and boredom busters I walked down to the convention to line up. It wasn't long before I had my badge and first array of FREE stuff that I was lining up ready to get into the exhibit hall. Whilst in the line (that grew increasingly longer and longer and longer) I chatted with three veterans about the best way to approach the Con, laughed at the Twilight people camping outside Hall H for the panel in the morning and then thanking them for the pleasure of lining up with them and knowing wistfully I wouldn't see them again was bustled down the escalator to the Hall....

Well what followed next was a total blur I do know that I began by delicately picking my way through the booths and by the end was pushing people out of the way with my bag trying to get through the MASS ^_^ I do remember though that I met Sean Galloway, Bobby (taught my in the painting course) a whole bunch of people I admire AND PASCAL!!!!! finally!! AND he gave me two of his books for free!

I also saw Chris who I first met when he was workign for James Baxter, back then he was coming up with a little concept called "pea in the wind" Now its a full blown franchise with heaps of fans, I couldn't believe he also recognised me ^_^ So that little pea necklace I have on is from his booth ^_^

But yeah Loads and LOADS to see and it was only the preview night... I ended up with around 10 books, a few cards, pics and
a few bruises ^_^ But it was good fun, I also FOUND MY GLASSES woohoo!! (I had to wear sunglasses all day because I thought I lost them... oh and when I found them I also go offered to buy a lock (which was great as I forgot to get one when I went to the shops to search for my glasses)) its fun how your luck just changes ^_^

Now I'm in my dorm bitching about Americanism's we can't stand, funny accidents, and the joys of comic-con

Until tomorrow

How much is that doggy in the window?

Just a quickie today as its past midnight and I've just spent 3 hours figuring out how to approach Comicon! I have my itinerary all sorted I think... just a few more things I have to go through... ok ALOT more things, but it'll have to be tomorrow as I think my brain just melted and dribbled out my ears!!

But today was fun, I took a couple of trams to Mission Valley to try and track down a t-shirt printing place, Found one! ^_^ and after many trips back and forth between him and target I now have 3 shirts on order (I pick them up tomorrow.. sooo excited)

I also found a place that made taro tea with pearls which was nice a refreshing and after a good browse around of the shops and an in-depth conversation with the phone people at AT&T and the guy at the pet store (got to hold a little puppy for ages) I left for dinner at Ralphs and printing some things for Comicon.

In fact I got this great deal $41 for 40 colour prints on 250 gsm paper (all my uni friends will know thats great) but the guy did it for me half price as he's quitting tomorrow (yay for me). There's a few new people in my room too, I think I'm the only girl now. But one of the guys is here for comicon too from Mexico and we had a great chat about how we were going to approach it ^_^

Well I think thats about all, spoke to heaps of people today which was nice, sometimes you forget you haven't really talked when your traveling by yourself...

By for now

PS Lil - you should ask Dad and Yvette for a teacup poodle, they're hypo-alergenic, don't yap, super tiny, waaaay cute, and ok by themselves... I got to hold this little one for ages while I talked to the guy in pet shop about owning a dog and your situation - good luck ^_^

Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Zany at the Zoo

Ok so this one will be more of a "show" than a "tell"

But in brief, I woke up early this morning after a rotten night (tried reading at 2am to get to sleep) and giving up going back to bed in our sweatbox room (seriously you press your hand on the 4 inch thick door and you can feel the heat billowing out) I trundled downstairs to the kitchen, slurped down some porridge or "oatmeal" and after a little chat about day plans with the german opposite I headed into the mall to get a camera case (fluro lime green ^_^)

By 10:30 it was time for some yohurt, a chat with the manager about staying longer in the hostel and a LONG, Steep walk up to the Zoo. After 5 hours of feeling sorry for animals cooped up in cages, bustling along with crowds of sweaty, panting tourists and trying to work our the Zoo's stupid map I called it quits and headed back to the hostel.

It was tuna and egg Salad for dinner, then checking my emails and washing my face I headed out to make my way back to the park. I decided to take the bus and got extremely lost trying to find the amphitheater, (found a bongo player along the way) But once there it was worth it. Mum you would have loved it, a 100 piece organ and a man that knew his stuff... and was quite funny ^_^

Getting dark and cold I nestled my tea in hand and watched dazzled as the lights tinkled around the organ and its sound filled every inch of the square. deciding it was getting too late I said goodbye to my new friend goseph (lived in Australia for a year) and accompanied by a women walking her two mean looking dogs walked to the station to get the bus back home.

now enjoy some pics

(I didn't put them all up.. there was a really funny one of this Zebra with a MASSIVE you know what that kept going out and in much to the kids delight "Daddy what's that?" ..teehee)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Just a little note, do people want me to put photos here, or put them on an actual photo album site (like I had last time)
leave a message here or email me....

"Just watching the makeout fest over there"

Ok, so I know I promised I wouldn't update this everyday but so much happened today I think it only right I tell you... or if anything have it as a reference for myself later.

At the moment I'm lying on the floor of the internet room looking intently at the feet of my friend from whales (I thought he was an ozzie, thats how easy it is to make friends!) thinking over the days events and trying to stomach left over meatloaf that really isn't as good warmed up the second time.

The day started late, well as late as it could of with the guy crooning african jaz loudly outside our window... walking over to the window I mumbled how great it was to wake up to and the girls laughed saying he stood there every morning "" Deciding against the free pancakes I made my way to Ralphs to buy oatmeal and jam then after eating quickly I slapped on my suncream and headed to the mall.

Yoghurt and a good browse of the shops was on the agenda and then deciding to head inside as the sun began to cook my skin I nestled into the airconditioned cinema to watch UP!! to quote Chris Farley "OH MY FREECKEN GOWD!!" what an EXCELLENT movie, I think I may go as far to say better than Wall-E sorry Ant, its been nocked down a notch... If possible I think this one had some even sadder scenes! the whole experience was topped of when I saw the add for Princess and Frog... I was basically in disney/pixar heavon (I wonder if such a place exists)

Then I went on a mission to explore the convention center, convienently only down the street to the waters edge, it stretches into the distance like the nile with its end blurred slightly by the rippling heat and palm trees tossing lightly in the breeze. Now when I say mission it really was, I snuck around inside after being told I wasn't allowed to linger and questioned security guards about the best time and place to line up on the day... it was after looking longingly at the water for a while I walked all the way up to the top of fith av and paid 20 bucks (had to after taking 20 minutes to find the entrance) to enter the gay and lesbian festival. I got wristbands, tatooes and a free massage from this Australian women.

After sitting on the grass watching gay lovin and listening to an awesome three person alternate band with a lead singer who "stupidly" followed her friends advice and wore her plastic dress, I walked home for the rest of my meatloaf (bad idea) followed by all my left over dried fruit (which I think my roomates may suffer for later) and will probably draw till I go to bed.

I think I may go to the zoo tomorrow
Sorry for another long one

your faithful US correspondent

PS I asked this 1-tell guy about a phone today, should have something figured out by the
time I get back to Burbank

pps apologies for the bad pic, I was trying to secretly take it whilst showing of my guns.. a few people are now looking at me veeery strangely

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm baaaaack (image that with a melodic slide

Ok, so I figured I'd save you on the first day as most of you already know I'm here safe... plus the only really eventful things that happened was the Auckland security people stealing my vegimite and that lovely lady in customs that looked at me as if I just slapped her in the face when all I asked for was a pen!

I will however spill the juicy details of today as I feel like I've been here for a week rather than two days (that is how long this day went for!) for those that don't want details you can finish reading now knowing that I have indeed arrived in San Diego safe and sound and extremely sore and tired, for those with more time... read ahead ^_^

I woke up early (6am) and tried to get back to sleep as I listened to the traffic buzzing outside our jammed window... then failing miserably snuck downstairs with my computer to figure out how I planned to travel and wait for breaky to open up... 2 hours later and contemplating weather to finish of the dried fruit I had upstairs (from the markets yesterday) the kitchen opened up and I quickly gobbled some toast whilst chatting to a scottish couple trying to fix the toaster that was now broken (it wasn't me)

After yogurt and 600 cash withdrawal at the farmers market (I really hoped I'd see a celebrity) I grabbed my bags out of storage and made my way (slowly) to the bus stop... 4 HOURS, 3 buses, waiting, getting chatted up by strange people, dying of heat and thirst (the only vending machine I saw SOLD OUT of water) later I made it to the bottom of Brad and Ambers st in Burbank then with the little energy I had left trudged up the hill. I tried asking a few people where Via Ricardo was but thinking i was a dirty sweaty hitchhiker they wouldn't even slow down. Finally a lady pitied me and told me to throw my stuff in the back and took me the rest of the way (thank god she did as it was a while further)

Luckily Amber was home and after I downed a bottle of water and transfered stuff from my bag she drove me down the hill to catch the bus to the station, The bus took AGES to get there and waiting in the heat I stuffed my face with fruit and nuts realising with a lurch that after ALL that I hadn't even given Amber my rent money!

Needles to say I didn't go back up the gigantic hill to give it to her ^_^ An hour or more later I was at the station chatting to a guy that was also going to San Diego, when we arrived at Union station the train was delayed for an hour which gave us time to complain about the heat and what we'd do if we saw someone wearing a beanie (death was the only option)

The train was three hours (I slept most of the way) and when I finally arrived I walked to the hostel (I now have dents in my shoulders from the bags)

The hostel is really nice and the room looks clean and comfortable. Not to mention the guy at the check in desk is very friendly... very very friendly! I had a browse around tonight and was talked up by another stranger "you know its unhealthy to eat alone..." hmmm no kidding I also heard that you shouldn't talk to strangers...

I also bought some socks (3 for $15) and discovered two yohgurt places mmmmm... then got a free lift back to the hotel from this guy with one of those bike lifts after getting extremely lost... Phew, after all that I'm now going to have a shower (a proper one as the last one was just me crouching in a bathtub splashing water on myself) and go to bed

Until next time...

Oh and Ant, I'm gonna see UP tomorrow ^_^