Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get out of my way Darth Vadar!!

This will be another short one as I kinda have to recuperate (then again I said that last time and it was still pretty long...)

HOLLY CAMOLY Comic-Con Is !@(*!@#^( BRILLIANT.. phew! This morning I picked my shirts up from Mission Valley and talked to some more people about phone deals... looks like I'm gonna have to settle for pre-paid. Then taking all my things back on the tram to the hostel I grabbed some yogurt and headed to the dorm to finish my CD packages for tomorrow.

While getting girly sticking sparkly stars and swirls to the covers and delicately slipping my cards in the sleeves I chatted with a German guy about girls and craft, then packing suncream, lunch, water and boredom busters I walked down to the convention to line up. It wasn't long before I had my badge and first array of FREE stuff that I was lining up ready to get into the exhibit hall. Whilst in the line (that grew increasingly longer and longer and longer) I chatted with three veterans about the best way to approach the Con, laughed at the Twilight people camping outside Hall H for the panel in the morning and then thanking them for the pleasure of lining up with them and knowing wistfully I wouldn't see them again was bustled down the escalator to the Hall....

Well what followed next was a total blur I do know that I began by delicately picking my way through the booths and by the end was pushing people out of the way with my bag trying to get through the MASS ^_^ I do remember though that I met Sean Galloway, Bobby (taught my in the painting course) a whole bunch of people I admire AND PASCAL!!!!! finally!! AND he gave me two of his books for free!

I also saw Chris who I first met when he was workign for James Baxter, back then he was coming up with a little concept called "pea in the wind" Now its a full blown franchise with heaps of fans, I couldn't believe he also recognised me ^_^ So that little pea necklace I have on is from his booth ^_^

But yeah Loads and LOADS to see and it was only the preview night... I ended up with around 10 books, a few cards, pics and
a few bruises ^_^ But it was good fun, I also FOUND MY GLASSES woohoo!! (I had to wear sunglasses all day because I thought I lost them... oh and when I found them I also go offered to buy a lock (which was great as I forgot to get one when I went to the shops to search for my glasses)) its fun how your luck just changes ^_^

Now I'm in my dorm bitching about Americanism's we can't stand, funny accidents, and the joys of comic-con

Until tomorrow

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  1. Hey, I could've sworn I posted a comment on this, erm, post...oh well, I guess I'll have to do it now.

    I do believe I was gonna ask what the blue thing in your pic was, but judging from the post after this one, I'm gonna guess that it's a badge of some sort. Awesome shirt though, you've have to show us the rest of them!