Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Zany at the Zoo

Ok so this one will be more of a "show" than a "tell"

But in brief, I woke up early this morning after a rotten night (tried reading at 2am to get to sleep) and giving up going back to bed in our sweatbox room (seriously you press your hand on the 4 inch thick door and you can feel the heat billowing out) I trundled downstairs to the kitchen, slurped down some porridge or "oatmeal" and after a little chat about day plans with the german opposite I headed into the mall to get a camera case (fluro lime green ^_^)

By 10:30 it was time for some yohurt, a chat with the manager about staying longer in the hostel and a LONG, Steep walk up to the Zoo. After 5 hours of feeling sorry for animals cooped up in cages, bustling along with crowds of sweaty, panting tourists and trying to work our the Zoo's stupid map I called it quits and headed back to the hostel.

It was tuna and egg Salad for dinner, then checking my emails and washing my face I headed out to make my way back to the park. I decided to take the bus and got extremely lost trying to find the amphitheater, (found a bongo player along the way) But once there it was worth it. Mum you would have loved it, a 100 piece organ and a man that knew his stuff... and was quite funny ^_^

Getting dark and cold I nestled my tea in hand and watched dazzled as the lights tinkled around the organ and its sound filled every inch of the square. deciding it was getting too late I said goodbye to my new friend goseph (lived in Australia for a year) and accompanied by a women walking her two mean looking dogs walked to the station to get the bus back home.

now enjoy some pics

(I didn't put them all up.. there was a really funny one of this Zebra with a MASSIVE you know what that kept going out and in much to the kids delight "Daddy what's that?" ..teehee)


  1. Damn that's a load of pics! Fluro lime green, why am I not surprised? :P

    I have to say, I feel the same about matter what they do to make the animals comfortable, it still seems wrong to me. Also, you've found a replacement tea, or are you missing the 'ol Chatswood variety? Also, Lesley Frances Vamos: that is rather cheeky! Tsk tsk tsk!

  2. teehee, yeah I couldn't help myself with the case, I was going to get this red one that was all soft but the guy said the green one was better as it was stronger.

    Yeah I was really disappointed with the size of the cages, for like big cats and Bears they were kinda tiny... I just hope places out the back where they theres have more room.. Oh and the bird cages were shockingly small too....

    No replacement tea, one that tastes kind of like Easy way Taro tea with crushed ice... its ok.. but Cha is waaaay the place is a while away

    Oh and the zebra thing... dude if you saw this thing you couldn't blame me for looking... it was trailing along the ground!!

  3. Red over fluro green? Goodness me, didn't think there'd even be a choice in the matter. :P

    Yeah, and that's even worse too. Birds for me are the worst, cos you're so used to seeing them in free flight, and they can't do that in a cage. And then some birds have their wings clipped, which is absolutely tragic.

    Dear god, trailing on the ground? That is a wee bit disgusting. Well, very disgusting.