Sunday, July 26, 2009

They like me, they really like me!

(before you start this I advise grabbing some sustenance as its a long one)

Ok firstly I'd like to acknowledge that so much seems to be happening in a day this weekend that I seem to be leaving things out, for example yesterday I forgot to mention that I met one of the guys who founded animation mentor and was told to email him if I ever wanted to join up.

That said, I'll now try my best to include everything (well the important stuff any way... I won't be telling you about my toilet breaks and such) then again it is 1am so technically its yesterday and it already seems to be fading into the blur that is comic con 09.

It began the usual way, finding myself in the exhibit hall line at 7 I decided instead to sign up for interviews as Nicolodeon was on its last day. I waited for 2 and half hours and chatting to a couple of guys that were at the Eisner awards, in fact their friend had won for Tiny Titans (they been Kazu's Amulet for best childrens publication) so they'd been celebrating till four (and I was complaing about going to bed at 12:30..).

The line expanded quickly and before we knew it we were being yelled at to disapate "People NO LINING there can be NO LINE! you can pace the floor or sit down BUt DON'T stand there!" The poor guy got so sick of everyone ignoring him that he created a line on the other side of the chairs, when we asked him if it was just a scam to make them follow orders he smiled and said "Hey they're the ones that wanted a line"... classic

After getting my name on Nic, Disney's and Stone Archs lists I dropped a few things of with Pascal and headed back upstairs to.. you guessed it... wait some more! My Nicoldeon interview went great! They really loved my stuff and said I need to apply for the internship as it would be prefect for me and I'd probably be hired through that, they also said to mention then when I sent my stuff in as they didn't want me "falling between the cracks"

Buzzing from their enthusiasm and the kindness of my new friend Chris (really nice guy that lives with his wife in the red woods near San Fran) I went to tell Pascal and the others the good news, then grabbed my lunch and went back to sit out the others, unfortunately I missed out on the James Jean Pannel while there in the freezing cold as well as not making it to Disney (got to 25 - I was 34) But I did make it to Stone Arch to apply for illustrating their childrens novels, they said I was a great artist but they want me to send them some progressions - pictures that tell a story.

Before leaving for my first "how to" panel I signed up with Impact publishing (how to books) then made my way to room 18... Finding it not what I expected I snuck back out (not very conspicuously I might add as there was only 5 people in the room) to the costume designers panel happening upstairs. It went later than I intended so rushing back PR I arrived as they were calling my name.

The Lady really liked my stuff and was relieved that I had actual experience teaching (I think I was the only one of the day) So gave me all the details and said to pitch the company with an idea for my how to book... I'm thinking of modeling it of the class's I teach at Cranbrook. The good news kept coming as I took up a spot in the line to chat with the ladies from the Costume design panel. My accent caught the attention of a young girl and her mum and we started discussing art and why I was here, it turned out they loved my t-shirt and was wondering if I soled them! (I told them to keep a look out on my blog cos its coming soon ^_^)

After a "what is animation" panel (looked at different forms) and a weird goodbye to a guy I met inside (we were laughing about what we saw on screen and had a little chat outside) I went to shake his hand and he went in for a hug then it was like a "do I don't I" on both parts for a few seconds until I finally grabbed his hand, shook it and nodded as he gave me a card to keep in touch... Who hugs someone after a 30 second conversation?... very strange

I stopped by to say hello to the actress that plays the large nun in Sister act (not as nice and happy in person...shame) then chilled out with Pascal and Michael for a while, I also met Alina who is really nice! (she sends me her blog updates)

After a few more meet and greets with industry guys we packed up ("you have to leave now the doors are shutting") and about 20 of us headed to dinner and a sketch crawl at a gelato place nearby. I even got to have a good convo about sushi with Cheeks (one of my idols) as he and his wife are coming down to Oz for their honeymoon (I was reguiling them about the joys of sushi trains). Getting tired and contemplating the walk home it was group hug time with the people that I won't see for a while and a long trip back (got lost... twice... Alex I really do have no sense of direction!)

yours faithfully


  1. Dangit Lel, you make it really hard to follow up your posts with comments, mainly because cos you have such awesome days! Why can't you just have a dull day? :P

    What a day though I have to say...pretty much the exact opposite of my day (I stayed home, sick). I suppose the hug goodbye is fine for those slightly weird people among us and let's face it: anyone in the creative industry is bound to be a little weird...

  2. hahaha true! Not good that your sick though.. I hope it wasn't me :(

  3. No, definitely wasn't you. Unless you somehow got me sick from all the way over there...then I'd be saying "DANGIT LEL, WHY"