Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How much is that doggy in the window?

Just a quickie today as its past midnight and I've just spent 3 hours figuring out how to approach Comicon! I have my itinerary all sorted I think... just a few more things I have to go through... ok ALOT more things, but it'll have to be tomorrow as I think my brain just melted and dribbled out my ears!!

But today was fun, I took a couple of trams to Mission Valley to try and track down a t-shirt printing place, Found one! ^_^ and after many trips back and forth between him and target I now have 3 shirts on order (I pick them up tomorrow.. sooo excited)

I also found a place that made taro tea with pearls which was nice a refreshing and after a good browse around of the shops and an in-depth conversation with the phone people at AT&T and the guy at the pet store (got to hold a little puppy for ages) I left for dinner at Ralphs and printing some things for Comicon.

In fact I got this great deal $41 for 40 colour prints on 250 gsm paper (all my uni friends will know thats great) but the guy did it for me half price as he's quitting tomorrow (yay for me). There's a few new people in my room too, I think I'm the only girl now. But one of the guys is here for comicon too from Mexico and we had a great chat about how we were going to approach it ^_^

Well I think thats about all, spoke to heaps of people today which was nice, sometimes you forget you haven't really talked when your traveling by yourself...

By for now

PS Lil - you should ask Dad and Yvette for a teacup poodle, they're hypo-alergenic, don't yap, super tiny, waaaay cute, and ok by themselves... I got to hold this little one for ages while I talked to the guy in pet shop about owning a dog and your situation - good luck ^_^


  1. You'll have to show us these t-shirts're so lucky that you're going to Comicon, I so wish I was there :<

  2. I wish you were here too!!