Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Just watching the makeout fest over there"

Ok, so I know I promised I wouldn't update this everyday but so much happened today I think it only right I tell you... or if anything have it as a reference for myself later.

At the moment I'm lying on the floor of the internet room looking intently at the feet of my friend from whales (I thought he was an ozzie, thats how easy it is to make friends!) thinking over the days events and trying to stomach left over meatloaf that really isn't as good warmed up the second time.

The day started late, well as late as it could of with the guy crooning african jaz loudly outside our window... walking over to the window I mumbled how great it was to wake up to and the girls laughed saying he stood there every morning "" Deciding against the free pancakes I made my way to Ralphs to buy oatmeal and jam then after eating quickly I slapped on my suncream and headed to the mall.

Yoghurt and a good browse of the shops was on the agenda and then deciding to head inside as the sun began to cook my skin I nestled into the airconditioned cinema to watch UP!! to quote Chris Farley "OH MY FREECKEN GOWD!!" what an EXCELLENT movie, I think I may go as far to say better than Wall-E sorry Ant, its been nocked down a notch... If possible I think this one had some even sadder scenes! the whole experience was topped of when I saw the add for Princess and Frog... I was basically in disney/pixar heavon (I wonder if such a place exists)

Then I went on a mission to explore the convention center, convienently only down the street to the waters edge, it stretches into the distance like the nile with its end blurred slightly by the rippling heat and palm trees tossing lightly in the breeze. Now when I say mission it really was, I snuck around inside after being told I wasn't allowed to linger and questioned security guards about the best time and place to line up on the day... it was after looking longingly at the water for a while I walked all the way up to the top of fith av and paid 20 bucks (had to after taking 20 minutes to find the entrance) to enter the gay and lesbian festival. I got wristbands, tatooes and a free massage from this Australian women.

After sitting on the grass watching gay lovin and listening to an awesome three person alternate band with a lead singer who "stupidly" followed her friends advice and wore her plastic dress, I walked home for the rest of my meatloaf (bad idea) followed by all my left over dried fruit (which I think my roomates may suffer for later) and will probably draw till I go to bed.

I think I may go to the zoo tomorrow
Sorry for another long one

your faithful US correspondent

PS I asked this 1-tell guy about a phone today, should have something figured out by the
time I get back to Burbank

pps apologies for the bad pic, I was trying to secretly take it whilst showing of my guns.. a few people are now looking at me veeery strangely


  1. I'm sure you'll get used to the 'ol jazz man. Pretty soon, you won't be able to get up until you hear him! A decline of free pancakes can only mean that they looked rather suss...

    As for UP, well...I'll believe you for the time being. Remember when we saw Ratatouille and pretty much thought the same thing as well? Then WALL-E came out and topped that...everytime Pixar make something, they top the last one, it's weird. I bet a Disney/Pixar heaven does exist, and it's in Emeryville, CA. ;)

    Also, you're a lesbian now? Man, that doesn't bode well for me...

    As for your pic, they are very impressive guns. :D

  2. Yeah, he wasn't there this morning either, there was the sound of jack hammers though not to mention the night life doesn't quit till around 3am...
    I said I witnessed gay make out sessions, not participated in them... so no not a lesbian but I did sign the ballot to refute the law against same sex marriage... why can't everyone have a go?
    And thanks about the guns ^_^

  3. Well hey, you could've been keeping the makeout bit secret! I agree about letting everyone have a go, seems a bit silly not to.