Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm baaaaack (image that with a melodic slide

Ok, so I figured I'd save you on the first day as most of you already know I'm here safe... plus the only really eventful things that happened was the Auckland security people stealing my vegimite and that lovely lady in customs that looked at me as if I just slapped her in the face when all I asked for was a pen!

I will however spill the juicy details of today as I feel like I've been here for a week rather than two days (that is how long this day went for!) for those that don't want details you can finish reading now knowing that I have indeed arrived in San Diego safe and sound and extremely sore and tired, for those with more time... read ahead ^_^

I woke up early (6am) and tried to get back to sleep as I listened to the traffic buzzing outside our jammed window... then failing miserably snuck downstairs with my computer to figure out how I planned to travel and wait for breaky to open up... 2 hours later and contemplating weather to finish of the dried fruit I had upstairs (from the markets yesterday) the kitchen opened up and I quickly gobbled some toast whilst chatting to a scottish couple trying to fix the toaster that was now broken (it wasn't me)

After yogurt and 600 cash withdrawal at the farmers market (I really hoped I'd see a celebrity) I grabbed my bags out of storage and made my way (slowly) to the bus stop... 4 HOURS, 3 buses, waiting, getting chatted up by strange people, dying of heat and thirst (the only vending machine I saw SOLD OUT of water) later I made it to the bottom of Brad and Ambers st in Burbank then with the little energy I had left trudged up the hill. I tried asking a few people where Via Ricardo was but thinking i was a dirty sweaty hitchhiker they wouldn't even slow down. Finally a lady pitied me and told me to throw my stuff in the back and took me the rest of the way (thank god she did as it was a while further)

Luckily Amber was home and after I downed a bottle of water and transfered stuff from my bag she drove me down the hill to catch the bus to the station, The bus took AGES to get there and waiting in the heat I stuffed my face with fruit and nuts realising with a lurch that after ALL that I hadn't even given Amber my rent money!

Needles to say I didn't go back up the gigantic hill to give it to her ^_^ An hour or more later I was at the station chatting to a guy that was also going to San Diego, when we arrived at Union station the train was delayed for an hour which gave us time to complain about the heat and what we'd do if we saw someone wearing a beanie (death was the only option)

The train was three hours (I slept most of the way) and when I finally arrived I walked to the hostel (I now have dents in my shoulders from the bags)

The hostel is really nice and the room looks clean and comfortable. Not to mention the guy at the check in desk is very friendly... very very friendly! I had a browse around tonight and was talked up by another stranger "you know its unhealthy to eat alone..." hmmm no kidding I also heard that you shouldn't talk to strangers...

I also bought some socks (3 for $15) and discovered two yohgurt places mmmmm... then got a free lift back to the hotel from this guy with one of those bike lifts after getting extremely lost... Phew, after all that I'm now going to have a shower (a proper one as the last one was just me crouching in a bathtub splashing water on myself) and go to bed

Until next time...

Oh and Ant, I'm gonna see UP tomorrow ^_^


  1. Hi Spesh - can you please leave out any references to accepting lifts from strangers. Thanks

  2. Wouldn't be a Lel Adventure without the lifts. Or the crazy people trying to pick you up... >_>

    Also, you're seeing UP? That seriously just isn't fair! I'm gonna one-up that and say that I'll be seeing Coraline soon! Don't know when, or how, but it'll be soon, so very soon...

  3. Anthony - don't encourage the getting into strangers cars thing OK?
    I just worked out that UP is a movie - not a person

  4. hahaha sure thing dad, although I only pick the ladies.. with booster seats in the back ;p

    Sorry about seeing the movie... but if it makes you feel better I am extremely jealous your seeing Coraline! I saw some merchandise in a store today and got very wistful...

  5. Can do, John.

    As for Coraline, they're showing ads for it at Bondi, so I figure it's only a matter of time...