Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buttons buttons who's got the buttons??

Hey guys

Right now I'm sitting in a hall of 500 die hard "Dr Horrible's sing along blog" fans singing along to the screen, shouting out call backs and waving their hands in the air. ITS AWESOME! If you haven't heard of it I suggest checking it out, its extremely funny and directed by Joss Whedon ^_^

Today was crazy!! I got up around 6, snuck out of the room with everything I had prepared last night, checked out, had breaky and after grabing a pre-made salad from Ralphs took up my spot in the line to get into the hall ^_^

My first panel was ASTRO BOY with KRISTEN BELL!! she wasn't doing autographs but it was cool just to be up close, not to mention there was some excellent insights into the film and I got to see Freddy Highmore all grown up! I left after trying to battle my way to the front of the crowd to get Kristen's autograph (or even just touch her hand lol) and saying so long and see you again to Elliot (my friend from the line up) I had some time to get to my next panel with Scott McCloud (Dad he's the one that wrote understanding comics ^_^)

He was interviewing a really talented comic artist and was really funny (note to self... come up with a new word for "really"). Having eaten lunch in the line (salad with my bare hands because I was too tired to remember cutlery) and already been told that the portfolio review session for Lucusfilm was full, I had some time to kill in the exhibit hall. I had a quick look around and gave Pascal my computer to mind as it was now cutting deeply into my shoulder, then headed back upstairs to my next panel.

Trying and failing to sign up for the Disney Ink portfolio review session! My tears (metaphorical) were turned to joy when I saw ERIC GOLDBERG!!!! standing outside the door to the "20 years of Disney Master classes" and had a chat, got his autograph and a little picture of the jeanie (one of the things he animated) as well as gave him my CD to look at ^_^ (fingers crossed everyone)

The panel was SOOOOOO excellent I think I peed a little at one stage I was so excited! After it was more autographs including..... (trying to accumulate some suspense)....................... GLEN KEAN!!! (excuse me while I scream like a small 13 year old Twilight fan seeing Robert Pattterson in the flesh) AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH ^_^ I gave him my CD too... ~sigh~ so good

It was then a few more hours in the Exhibit hall to wonder artist alley, get more feedback on my work and a shit load of buttons!

After hanging with Pascal and his friends for a while (and taking a break in their booth) I grabbed my stuff, said goodbye for now and headed to the panel I'm in now...

Then It'll be straight back to the hostel, check back in and go to bed.... ready for tomorrow
Until then my friends

Your very dry mouthed lel ^_^
(there's so much to look at I realised I haven't actually closed my mouth in around three hours!)


  1. Ok, I was pretty jealous of yesterdays entry, but I think it's now about a bajillion times worse. Times fifty bajillion. And one.

    Just...ack! I am somewhat speechless! So damn awesome...

  2. yeah it was perrty awesome ^^ sorry for making you jealous...