Friday, July 31, 2009

Sketch a holic ^_^

Hey guys

I'll keep this short... which makes sense as not a lot happened yesterday... although I do have a GIANT blister on my foot from walking around for so long... I spent the morning drawing, trying to get back into the swing so I wouldn't be too rusty at the sketch meeting that night (worried about drawing a dodgy pic in some one's sketch book).

Then after some lunch I headed out to the mall to hand out some resume's. At most places it was the same deal "sorry we're not hiring right now" but a couple of people sounded positive so fingers crossed I can get some work with them, there was a few others that said I needed to apply online but unfortunately you need windows to run the program, so there goes that idea (although I'm thinking there might be a library around here that I can use...) oh wow, I just got a call from the CIEE people asking if I had a job yet (way to rub it in people)

with sore feet and a worn out smile I decided to head home - I did quickly stop into this t-shirt printing place, its a little too expensive for one off printing (waaay more than the first place i went to) which means I'll have to find somewhere else I think. Once at home I had some dinner and waited for Alina to pick me up for the sketch meeting.

It was soooo much fun! I was a little nervous at first as everyone was really good! but after a few sketches I really started to relax, and by the end I didn't want to leave, I was also given a ton of pics to take home, everyones variation of me ^_^ I thought I'd show them here...

Oh and if your looking for photos from my trip - head to my facebook page, they're all up (with comments)

These are some of mine (I finished drawing everyone so I started doing some for myself)

These were some of the ones given to me ^_^


  1. Wow, your drawings are awesome! And you say you're rusty...tsk tsk tsk! I like the ones that the other folks gave you, the first one is very cute!

  2. I know, how perfect is it!! and the one with the sock ears was awesome - I was wasn't even wearing my socks! its like she just knew!