Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm watching you...


its late, I;m tired but I figured I should put this up before I forget the cool things that happened today... well ok ONE cool thing, but I thought it was worth a mention ^_^ I started the day early, which was a surprise as I think I made it to bed at about 2 this morning. I got up non the less and after having something to eat settled down on my bed for some internet catch up and an attempt to fill out all the applications I picked up job hunting yesterday (this took FOREVER!) - Oh my god - it must have been the most repetitive thing I've ever done, I wrote about my history more times this morning than I've done in my whole life!

At around 2:30, Tabitha and i headed to Disney studios for the free movie they were showing (I was handed tickets the other day) however when we arrived we were told it was full and were instead given a movie ticket each to see any one we wanted! (A better deal I think) After one of the guys followed us back to the car to take the ticket I'd left on the front seat, we piled back in and headed down to Irvine. The drive took ages with all the traffic, but gave Tabitha and I a chance to get to know each other.

She dropped my of at the Uni centre, and after grabbing some yoghurt (they have Yogurt land there now!!) and checking to see if Will was working (Alakazam comics - he wasn't and Toru quite :( - I wondered around for a bit then went to the web to see if any one was around. Unfortunately everyone has picked this weekend to bugger of, so disappointed (but with plenty of lunch invites for when I get back to burbank) I went to Cha (YAY) for my fave beef stew and a Taro - holly crap I forgot how good it was!!

I sat there for about four hours, eating, sipping and drawing (I think I filled about 10 pages in my sketch book). This is were the cool thing happened (sorry to leave it till last) I was just chilling out drawing the people I saw walking in when I guy noticed and asked if he could take a picture of the one of him, of course I agreed and then later handed him a sticked with my DA address saying I'd have it coloured online soon if he wants to download it. Once I left they looked at the card and his girlfriend started laughing, I looked over, worried I'd been too forward, then she smiled at me and said -

"I watch you!"
Me: "sorry?"
"Oh yeah, that sounds a little creepy, I mean on Deviant art... I watch you"
Me: "No way! wow, thanks (wow do I live in a scarily small world)"

How cool is that!! I actually met someone who watches me, in Cha of all places, and to think I may have never known ^_^
Oh and some girls liked my stuff too and grabbed my facebook details so Yay for making friends in random places! If they are reading this, thanks for being so nice guys, it really made my day ^_^

Signing out

Wait to you see the ton of stuff I'm going to add to my DA page tomorrow ^_^
heres a taste...


  1. Whoa, that is seriously cool! It could've gone down the creepy route too, but hey, it didn't. That's like a celebrity moment! Feel proud, kiddo, feel proud! :D

    Nice sketches btw ^_^