Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introducing NORBET!

Hey Guys.

I love the PUBLIC METRO SYSTEM!! I know, coming from yesterday you'd have never believed it, but today seriously restored my faith, I had to catch 5 different buses and it went of without a hitch, they were on time, efficient and everytime I got of one the next was waiting for me... I don't know if its good karma or sheer luck, but whatever it is, I'm one very happy girl.

So why catch 5 buses, I can hear you saying with disbelief. No I wasn't leaving the country, it was purely my love of food ^_^ Having tasted only 6 of 21 Choices awesome yogurt flavours, my first stop was Pasadena to which I was helped along the way by a very nice Russian lady (they really get a bad rap) and an extremely helpful Bus driver. Once there I had a little look around then was waltzing in the sunshine with my vanilla and peppermint/white choc chip frozen yogurt. mmmmm, stopping briefly for a chat with a guy asking for donations (he wanted to know about my life... I think he was seriously bored... it sounds a lot creepier than it as) I made my way down to Alhambra to CHa for tea ^_^

It was there I got a great start on my book and belt ^_^ in fact I was on such a roll the only thing that broke my concentration was the message I got from the lady I'm buying a bike from. Looking at the time I knew I had to get going, so blowing my belt dry and praying my pants wouldn't fall down, it was two buses back to Glendale and asking about 20 people were Carlton dr was before I finally got to her house.

She was still building it when I got there, but I had a nice chat playing with her little one year old and her and her partner drove me home with my beautiful green bike in the back! I call him Norbet ^_^

Hope you like the pics!

... Isn't he beautiful ^_^


  1. Omg, that bike is so damn cute! It's very VERY you as well!

    That pic of you is rather...I'm not sure how to put it...alluring? ;> Awesome belt too!

  2. I know, I love him!! (watch out you have some competition ^_^) lol

    Really? hahaha, well ok then :P I'm doing a better pic for the belt, so you guys can see the finished product ^_^