Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love my.... air-conditioning

Hey guys

So its the end of another day, another extremely Stinkin HOT day! seriously I'm considering driving round in my own personal ice-cream truck or just not going outside...ever!... But I did go outside today, wanting to make a jump start on my 3 o'clock meeting with Kyle, I grabbed a crush while at the mall then headed down to the seventh circle of hell bus stop to wait for 40 minutes in blistering heat for the bus I thought would never show!

Luckily it did, emerging out of the rippling heat and chugging to a halt on the scorched pavement. I arrived later at Universal and after a quick look around and a use of their restroom facilities I made my way to the Starbucks. I can't believe I actually found it, and with a Ralph's salad in hand (quick side note - they were having all this taste testing at Ralph's, it was awesome!) I met with Kyle for about and hour and half. We had a great chat about the industry and he even gave me his book "I love my scarf" ^_^

Later that afternoon I spent time in the mall, looking through the art section at Barnes and Noble, trying on cloths (yes you read right) and wasting time till it was cool enough for me to head back outside. Now I've finished enjoying my omlette and I'm watching the Disney channel - life is good ^_^

Hope everything is good with you guys!
Lel - KJyle's blog, you should check it out ^_^

Oh I'm also thinking of making my own book, "I hate bow-ties" - I'll keep you posted ^_^


  1. I wonder if ice-cream trucks are actually cold inside though...maybe just the freezers are cold. Which'd be alright I guess, cos you could just chill in there.

    Trying on clothes? What!

  2. Hmmm you could be right, well if someone else is driving, I could just chill in the freezer ^_^

    And as for the clothes.. I know, I'm so ashamed! it was a dress too!!

  3. A dress?! Whoa! Did you buy it?

  4. I'm gonna get it today I think... I mean it is only 10 bucks...


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