Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey - you wanna ride?

Hey blogspotters

I figured I should let you in on the spoils and adventures of yesterday, not to mention my harrowing 40 minute jog down glenoaks in sandals and suspenders at 1 am this morning (Dad don't read the last part)

I went to sleep the night before on a high, faced with a jam-packed day to follow I wanted a decent amount of sleep, however as is predictable I finally got to sleep at 2 so waking up late I realised with a jolt I only had 30 mins to grab a handful of nuts, run out the door to burbank and catch a bus to meet Alina.

Half way and sweating I got the call that Alina had finished her hair appointment and was ready to meet me, luckily she took pity on me and decided to pick me up from where I was (thanks Alina!). chatting away, the trip to Alhambra flew by and before I knew it we were settled in a tucked away booth at CHA eating stew and talking about crazy boss's how to accept people telling you your work sucks and basic industry do's and don'ts.

Full and happy we moseyed over to Nucleus gallery to drop of a painting of Alina's they were have on display as part of a "where the wild things are" exhibit. The gallery was really quirky, displaying a shop front and hiding a large opened floor that displayed around 3 to four artists. When we'd finished browsing art and books we headed over to the Valley - a large Asain shopping centre with a massive supermarket boasting live fish, squawking product sellers and lots of taste testing!

An hour later I was being dropped in Pasadena for some yogurt and to catch the 181 to meet David at the observatory. It was a long ride but I made it and joined him for the hike to the top of the mountain. We had a great time getting to know each other, looking at the view of LA, watching the sun go down and then heading in for an amazing trip through space in their dome that made it feel like you were flying!! Stumbling down the mountain after the show I listened as he told me about mountain lions (that are in the park) and other places I should visit, it was then my turn to do the talking at an Italian restaurant as he ripped into a late dinner where things took a philosophical turn as I was told to explain my views on meaning of life and why I think I'm here..

Faced with the prospect of walking home I was seen grabbing a taro slush At 12:30am from Bobaloca. As I slurped down the last dregs of my drink I started to freak myself out with sounds around me so took of running the rest of the way... warn out, red and sweating like crazy I made my way up Cabrini with thongs in hands then wiping myself down with a handtowel (not allowed showers after 11) I lay on my bed and fell straight to sleep!


  1. Oh lord're totally freaking me out! I suppose the rest of the day was pretty alright, so I'll just overlook it, but please, for the love of...everything! Just try and not do that again? Pretty please?

    Also, another awesome drawing! I'm digging these, I have to say!

  2. I promise, although I was pretty safe I'm sure ^_^

    Oh and thanks about the drawing!