Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is the baby still there??

Hey guys

Things have been really great the last few days, just chilling out, saw Luce today down in West Hollywood which was excellent, we had a free day - that is got free drinks, $10 extra credit on my phone and when a button fell of the pants Luce wanted they were discounted an extra 20% (bargain!). There's also been lots of drawing - A shirt is in the works everyone, the theme is monsters ^_^ (go to DA for some sneak peeks), lots of sitting badly - I got a massage the other day, it sounded like a machine gun going of as she tentatively slid her thumbs across my shoulders, the sound of 1000's of knots scurrying away ^_^... and of course lots of eating, word to the wise: it takes 20 mintues or more to cook a rice pudding wrapped in thick leaf, DO NOT open just because its soft on the outside as you'll find hard uncooked rice in the middle... not tasty :(

And now a little short narrative I wrote on the bus while travelling to Little Tokyo:

I look out the murky dirt stained bus window at tired, dull streets rolling by. The slightest points of difference spark my attention... guy on a bike... washing on the balcony... the faces that greet me are mute, devoid of expression except an innate sense of exhaustion, a sign of silent battles with the heat rippling proudly though the air.
The bus twists and turns, chugging up and down uneven hills, bumping us around in a kind of spontaneous co-ordinated movement. A dance none of us learnt but seem to know the steps to. A baby grabs my hair from behind, cooing curiously, causing a smile that breaks my transfixed stare. I shift uncomfortably on the hard seat longing wistfully for this journey to end, or at least a pillow, I don't know how long I've been traveling or how far there is to go.
The terrain seems to be changing, people outside mingle about, pushing through the heat as they go about tasks of the day. I feel the close of my journey approaching and think longingly of my destination and what's to greet me when I arrive.
It's been another moment of my life in transition, in suspended displacement, on the painful yet necessary mode that is... public transport.

Signing out

P.s. thanks to Luce for the title idea, that little doozy had me cackling for ages ^_^
Oh and the image is for my display - I'm going to do some caricatures for people... for money...


  1. Discounts and free stuff: part of every great day! Awesome narrative I have to say too: nicely surreal and almost dreamlike, good job. (Kinda feel like a teacher with a comment like that :X )