Monday, August 3, 2009


Agghhhh, yes lovely watchers and readers, that was the sigh of a very content girl after a very lazy day.

I woke up late, but to be fair I went to bed at about 2:30 (sorry Dad) so I felt I deserved the sleep in. After the usual for breaky and kinda wishing I'd had a shower the night before (it was avoided not by choice) I resolved to go for a swim that afternoon then tucked my laptop under arm and headed downtown for my 12:30 meeting with Jeremy.

By the time I arrived at the mall I was sweating pretty bad, cursing the clouded sky for deluding me into thinking it may be cooler jumper weather... it wasn't, but as I had committed to the jumper there was no turning back and I grabbed a large icy drink to cool me down. At 12:30 I was waiting patiently at the Island cafe, looking at the menu and hoping I'd recognise Jeremy when he walked in.

He found me, and after going over formalities - Hi, how are you, having a nice day? we got onto the good stuff, and spent the next hour and a bit eating, laughing, going over my work, talking about a planned attack for the industry and his journey to story-boarding at Nick. All to soon it was time to say goodbye and grabbing a some yogurt as well as couple of books from the movie shop (A massive Norman Rockwell collection and a calvin and Hobbs showcase) I called Tabitha to see if she could pick me up and waited in a sushi restaurant until she arrived.

Well, talk about not judging a book by its cover! the outside was disheveled with a large 50% of sushi sign blocking the sidewalk, but, tentatively walking inside I was met by a fresh decor, friendly staff and the BEST egg sushi I've ever eaten, in fact when I ordered my second round the guy gave me extra!

Later, driving in the car with Tabitha we stopped by Traders for some groceries then we were home bound so I could put away the groceries and chill... so much for going swimming ;p

Over and out


  1. 2:30,'re turning into me :X

    It's great how you've pretty much found alternatives for everything you liked here over there anything left? :P

  2. just joking... there could never be an alternative ^_^

  3. And if there is, then I'm in some serious trouble!

  4. Nah its all good, no one could replace you, but then there was that guy at Comic Con dressed like Indiana Jones (lol)

  5. Damn you Indiana Jones guy!