Tuesday, August 4, 2009

21 flavours of sheeeer bliss ^_^

Ok so its official I have the best friends in the world! - just throwing it out there ^_^

The day started late (again) as I lay sprawled in bed trying over and over again to get back to sleep. I gave up at 9:30 figuring 8 hours sleep was good enough and had some breaky looking forward to cracking open a new bag of dried mango (still can't believe its only 3 bucks!). The morning was spent online looking for more work and getting back to people about my future bike... lime green beach cruiser here I come woohoo! Then after some lunch sitting with Amber watching Scooby Doo - the new version - and looking adoringly at Bradly gurgling I made my way to the Mall for a refreshing drink and a look around.

It was crazy hot today, so I was extra happy to receive my Taro crush, but what made me even more delirious was the comment by the owner or boba loca "So your new here huh... don't worry I remember your application... I'm going to see what I can do" Yay for money and a stop to my ever decreasing savings account! (everyone cross your toes!)

At three I was back home making a star on the floor in an attempt to cool down and digest the 2 giant glasses of water I downed in 3 seconds, waiting for Jen to pick me up. It was awesome seeing her again! We spent the late afternoon browsing Old Pasadena and deciding on a place to eat. leading me down the exact alley where James had his studio she took me to a" cook your own food" Jap place which was extremely tasty (although it took us a couple of burnt chicken pieces to figure out the art of bbq). Then after shouting me dinner (seriously if your reading this Jen you are too nice!) we made our way to 21 flavours frozen yogurt, where they run things a little like cold rock and have flavours of yogurt that include Zinadoodle (cookie dough and cinnamon mixed in!) IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!

Groaning with sheer fulness we walked slowly back to the car and chatting about music and sites the whole way home. Then as if the night wasn't good enough Jen gave me a present, a pack of beautiful pencils and graphite's as well as cute scrap book of memories from Irvine!!!

I told you - I warned you - I have the BEST friends EVER!

Luv you Jen ^_^

Night everyone


  1. Food, friends and presents: what more could you want? ;)