Saturday, August 1, 2009

There's no more peanut butter

Hey Folks

Not much to report today, I spent all morning uploading a MASSIVE amount of pics on my DA page... I think about 12 in total, and once my butt was official numb I left (with my new sun-cream on) and headed to the movies to use my free ticket on "500 Days of Summer". The movie was excellent, really funny and definitely not your typical love story (I stayed through to the very end of the credits Ant, keeping the tradition alive). After I grabbed some yogurt pretzels and licorish for the bus ride home and now I'm sitting on my bed, watching Ace Ventura (and now the Incredible's) going through all the outfits I'll have to wear tomorrow for Michaela's shoot (she wants me to be in her film.. I have to walk around talking to an imaginary person the whole time...should be an interesting day ^_^)

Heres one of the pics on my page, but you should check it out if you
want to see more

Oh I almost forgot, I went into the Sushi place today and got egg... 5 bucks for frozen egg... such a disappointment :(


  1. I think we're the only ones who do it... :P

  2. Actually there was a surprising amount of people doing it too ^_^

  3. I guess they're different over there. There's usually no-one when we do it here