Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anything thats magic outta be good ^_^

Hey guys

I'm back, thought I'd update you on the great day I had yesterday! ok so it started of mediocre, after riding down to the market and grabbing some groceries I spent the next few hours at bobaloca slurping down a taro slush and hoeing into the food I'd just purchased - the combination of pretzel rolls and "mums spicy magic sauce" with lotus root on the side is sooooo good!
It was soooooo hot yesterday, I mean like really really hot, when I rode down our hill I felt as though I was riding through a fan forced oven as the hot air bellowed in my face (I honestly couldn't breath).
After finishing some drawings the feeling of guilt crept through me, I knew I was putting of the projects I had to do on the computer so with a reluctant sigh I got back on my bike and rode home.... thank god I made it, to be honest for a while there it was touch and go... the heat was so bad I almost keeled over!
After getting home and chugging down 3 glasses of water, I set myself up downstairs and got started on my projects, then finding out I wasn't going to be able to go to the roller derby with Gary (the tickets sold out) I made my way to Alina's to go with her to the gallery.
Found on Silver lake rd, the gallery looked like a house thats been converted, imagine a small two story house JAM-packed with as much art and toys as they could get in there, an eclectic colourful assortment of vinyl figures, paintings, sketches and children's books. The theme was doctor Zeus under the title "Oh the art you will see" Alina had in my opinion one of the best with a beautiful water colour of thing 1 and 2.
After mingling a little and looking around at all the art on display we left with our tummies grumbling for little tokyo. turns out they had a kinokonya (asian book store) so we browsed there first then it was straight to this little hole in the wall noodle hut that Alina claims she's constantly finding excuses to go to. There was a line outside (as per usual) so we had time to wonder around a little before we were seated. We tucked into massive bowls of noodles accompanied with delicious broth, pork and veggies ^_^ mmmm
Then it was onto yogurtland for dessert and a hop, skip and a jump back home, all in all it as a fantastic night! I'm of to another gallery tonight for a closing ceremony which means food, activities and fun!

Oh and I also want to make a shout out to Michaela my lovely room mate for my little kiss band
and my new house mate for giving me a lift yesterday
thanks guys!

Over and out ^_^

Oh and for those of you who are disappointed as I am that I missed out on the roller derby, I'll be able to go in september, I can't wait! ^_^

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  1. I feel like I'm getting sneak peaks at these blog entries now... ;)

    Such an AWESOME picture btw, but it's missing one tiny little thing...

    Your signature!

  2. I know! I figured that out AFTER I sent it... but some of the others don't have signatures so I may get away with it this time...