Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Hey Sexy lady"

Ok so no matter who says it or how - that comment is just creepy, especially coming from a 40 year old Mexican riding past you on the street...

After meatloaf for lunch (thanks again for the recipe Gpa) I spent most of the day at Burbank on the corner handing out fliers to families about my cartooning business... trying to do something similar to what I was doing for Danny - besides the occasional "No thanks" I got some good feedback, one lady even smiled encouragingly and told me I was doing a good thing.. yay me ^_^

Next stop was meeting with Alina for a little catch up then sitting in the cinema (still wearing sunnnies) to watch Ponyo. The movie was great - and in true Miyazaki style, kinda weird :) based on a crazy adaption of the original little mermaid it was the charming story of a little fish that becomes human for the love of a boy... not to mention the song at the end - really cute!

After that I sat in Bobaloca for a while drawing fish - well so would you if you'd been watching them for the last hour and a bit... then slurping out the last dregs of chai and waving goodbye I caught the bus home. Homemade chicken and veggie soup for dinner mmmm

Over and out


  1. Agreed, incredibly creepy. Makes me annnngry! (In my lame kinda way)

    If its anything like that meatloaf I had last time, then daaaamn. I could live on that stuff! Are you doing mailbox drops, or just handing them to people?

    Good 'ol Miyazaki! Can't wait to it, if it makes it to Australia...Coraline is here though, I just haven't seen it >_<

    As I said earlier, awesome work on the fish ^_^

  2. Yep... especially as he was right up close when he said it.. (shudder)

    Yep, only better! its more dense this time, I love it ^_^

    I was handing out the fliers to people, then I dropped of a few around the area in shops so that people could see them while paying for things at the register.

    Oh man, I'm so jealous! I wish I could have seen it at the movies!! don't miss it, you'll regret it!

    Oh thanks ^^