Thursday, August 27, 2009

God gave rock and roll to you

Yes Dad, I'm sitting here writing this as I listen to all the KISS songs I just downloaded ^_^ I thought you'd be very proud...

It's almost like a warm hug as the sound of live guitars filter electrically through my laptop speakers and Paul calls out to me like a voice from the past... Today was fairly uneventful, well to my standards anyway, I had to catch 7 different buses which was slightly crazy, I saw carpet lady again, not sure I mentioned her before but she's an Asian lady thats gets on to go to China town and has an odd habit of wearing tops that match her bag which looks suspiciously like she's made it out of spare carpet... or rustic curtains.
The first bus also broke down... twice, similar to what our old Laser would do, and mum would quickly try and start it as if nothing had happened.. it may have gone almost unnoticed in this case if it wasn't for the guy down the back that was clearly on drugs (evidence by the sores all over his body) and in a hurry to get somewhere (drug meeting?) "What the (&^%& your &*^$ kidding... I need to (*^&% be somewhere!" it was pretty funny.
They had some great flavours at 21 flavours as well... not 21 as the title claims but 2 were mint with choc chips, junior mints and actual mints mixed in as well as this cinnamon flavoured one with cookie dough and all sorts mixed in ^_^
After spending the rest of the day in Cha trying not to get stuck to the seat (it was so hot today I considered crawling into an air-conditioning vent and staying there forever!).
I realised at 5:30 that I should have got going ages ago then it was a race against time to catch 3 buses in less than an hour and half in order to catch the last 155 from burbank that would take me to the sketch meet... every stop over was agony! But I made it (woohoo) and had a great time with Edd, Matt and the rest of the gang... I may even have a couple of job opportunities from it... finally ^_^
Hope everyone is staying safe and avoiding public transport when they can, I'm of to see J.I.Joe tomorrow


These are from today, I did an emotion for every letter of the alphabet, well almost every one, I got up to V.. Oh and I'll change U, I asked everyone at the meet what I should do (I'd already drawn underwear) and all at once they looked up and said, "uninspired" ... then someone said unmotivated... am I sensing a theme??


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  1. I love how 7 buses is only 'slightly crazy' for you :P

    Yet again, another set of awesome pictures! I'm loving the character, he's so very cute!