Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Always look on the bright side of life - do do di dooo di do di doooo

Hey guys

So yesterday and today are shooting days with Michaela... or should I say WAITING, WAITING, pretending to talk to homeless people days.. I'm serious acting has to be one of the most boring jobs ever! its almost 90% waiting around, and then when you do have to act you repeat the same thing at least 8 times... I had to take soooo many bites of a jam and philly sandwhich yesterday it almost made me sick!

Looking on the bright side of things, I was shouted a nice lunch of chicken and veggie pot-stickers, got to make a few new friends and was then taking out to the movies after... so I guess the life of an actor isn't all bad - especially when your director is willing to give you a neck massage!

We saw "The Time Travelers wife" with Rachel McAddams and Eric Banner - not bad, ATTN: MUM! - do NOT see this film, unless you want to spend an hour trying to compose yourself after, we don't want another "Hours" episode ^_^ but it was pretty decent, nicely acted and considering I was dead tired, reasonably interesting story-line...

Now as I'm slightly lazy (and running late for the shooting today) I'm going to try a new way of writing these - sort of like a shopping list I guess, with little observations I made during the day... (clears throat) here goes:

- Daily Observations but Lesley (if you don't know who that is you may have stumbled on the wrong blog)

- Man holding baby turtles on the train
- Girl carrying a tree in a pot at the bus stop
- Women with a bag made out of curtains - that actually matched her shirt
- NEVER catch the bus if the bus driver isn't 100% positive were he stops - you could end up in woop woop! (as I did)
- The 96 bus does NOT go to Glendale... but it does go past the LA zoo ^_^
- Streets are named after places - this makes giving or asking for directions VERY confusing...
- The moon is red - the moon is RED like bright, shiny seriously freaky red as my glasses RED
- Army guys are nice - until they try and "take you home" - it is at this time that a seat near the bus driver is advised...
- Some bus drivers should not be driving - and others can make your day - "good morning precious!"

Oh and lastly if any one was worried or interested, no luck yet with my glasses... I think I have given up hope

Until next time
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  1. Haha, you just ruined the dreams of aspiring actors there, Lel. :P

    I have to say though, what's with you getting some of the oddest bouts of attention? I mean, Army guys trying to take you home? It's crazy!

    Awesome pic btw, I see you're getting better at doing scenes. ^_^

  2. yeah, tis kind of weird - I always seem to attract strange people, its a curse I picked up from mum ^_^

    And thanks about the pic - I've been practicing - there's stacks on my DA page ^_^