Tuesday, January 26, 2010

rain rain, go away...

I've also included a couple of the images I've been working on this week. I've been spending more time on illustration and composition... there's more examples on my DA page - comment if you can ^_^

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

No more procrastination!

a sneak peek at the revision for my book character ^_^

Ok, so I'm now thoroughly convinced that it is impossible for me to multitask when watching tv - SERIOUSLY I set about writing this blog entry at 7:30... its now past 11... no thanks to live free or die hard... I know what your thinking - why don't you just turn the tv of?? well that would have been the easy option, unfortunately I was somehow convinced the entire time that I could do it and it just perpetuated into this massive waste. Of. Time.

~sigh~ Its now midnight - yes folks I spent a whole hour writing one paragraph - I'm not sure why these entries take me so long... I guess I blame cable... and the internet... But the tv is muted and I refuse to look at the internet until this is complete... OH shoot.. I have to have a shower.. Alright - hang on...

I'm back... You can't tell but its actually the next morning... no it didn't take me that long to have a shower... I pretty much gave up at 1am.... No more procrastination! I'm doing this now.... actually thats a good title...

Well I left you at New Years Eve and a very late night... Unfortunately I had to work the next morning at nine, so wobbling along on my bike before anyone else had even considered getting up I made my way to a quite day at work. High fiving Elsie at one, when asked how I'd be celebrating the new year I truthfully replied - "with good food" and proceeded to pig out at Octopus Bar, followed by a mossy around the shops till Brad and Amber came to take me back. On a side note I found an AWESOME book by Mucha that was only 15 dollars! It should have been $100 - I hope that means the year will be filled with insane bargains ^_^

On Saturday morning I woke late and sat with Amber for a ages whilst Brandon crawled around my legs, then finally rolling myself of the couch proceeded to Burbank to shut myself away in the library and write my blog as well as get a quick massage and some groceries (not form the same place). I Got lost coming home that night when I tried to go a different way, I finally made it an hour later than it should have taken me but looking on the bright side there were still some great Chrissy lights on display ^_^

Monday was a work day followed by some Thai and a drawing session with Tony - then Tuesday was my first lesson at Willow community school teaching comics - its great! apart from being miles and MILES away, its a really cute little school and there's only 6 boys in the class... with some really strange names... Bruno.. Makaie... Remy and... Korfy?? It was pretty much get to know you games making up signatures and drawing barry the sheep this lesson...Next up is shapes ^_^

Tuesday was more work... suffering CHA withdrawal symptoms then heading home after as poor Tony came down with a bad cold and our trip to ASIFA was postponed. I woke up early the next day extremely excited that I was finally getting to go to Pasadena again! A good book on becoming a freelance illustrator tucked under my arm and my Ipod fully charged I made my way there, stalled only slightly when our bus almost collided with an oncoming car - lucky he had quick reflexes and the confidence of a much larger vehicle ^_^ I was also hit on by a homeless guy that would not stop trying to get a conversation out of me... I'm not sure how but he ended up finding out where I worked, wrote his name and number on my hand and was happy to meet up again in the next week to go to the movies - Dad before you fly over here - I promise I did not engage this conversation... The guy just did not get the hint! But the rest of the day was fairly un-eventful and with headphones and a book covering my face I made it home without talking to anymore strangers ^_^

I was Back at Pasadena the next day Hungry for more - only to see the entire strip of shops down in Old P completely decked out in Red and Orange as people mingled about getting ready for the big College football game of Alabama vs Texas - Dad I know what you mean now about how much Americans get into their football! I didn't even recognise some shops as they were completely covered in merchandise! That night Sketch club was back on, this time I took Luke with me as he's now in Burbank and wanted to check it out - It was so great seeing everyone again, and after being pulled into some pretty crazy hugs (I think being small people feel compelled to lift you in the air) we settled down for some serious drawing and chatting - ending the night with a page of penis illustrations everyone contributed to... I was happy to provide the most non-confrontational one, then hand it to the barrister who had made the suggestion of a collaborative project - I tried to explain to him that this was the result when you have a bunch of very sick men in the room.... ^_^

Friday Tony and I finally volunteered down at ASIFA - staying for three hours to sort and archive old Annie comics - I was proud to get through over 200 pages spurred on through the last hour by some good tunes.

The next morning I headed into Burbank around lunch time to meet up with Tony again - after a bite to eat we made our way to his friends 24 themes party - a 7 hour bar crawling marathon that had him completing tasks Jack Bower style - We made it to two bars with them as we arrived towards the middle and after chatting to his uni friends and meeting a fellow Aussie we left for Hollywood to line up for a free screening of When in Rome. It was packed outside the mall as countless crew and extras filmed a roof performance of a band I didn't know - we weren't sure if they were speaking another language or it was just because they were so high up - but it made for good entertainment while we waited. The movie was sooo great! I really recommend it when it comes out your way - just fun and funny ^_^ We ended the night at a farewell for another friend at the air-conditioned bar - and giving up trying to hear or talk to people I settled on watching Gi-Joe that was being screened on the wall then later drove a very tired and coughing Tony back to mine. Luckily he made it home ok!

Sunday was a nice quite end to the week, I worked that morning unfortunately arriving an hour and a half early so went to sleep on the booth till it was time to start. food and reading carried me through the afternoon until I finally worked up enough energy to ride home...

Until next week - I'll try and figure out a dot point system of entry for the next one.. but we all know the likelihood of that happening - Let me know what you got up to for new years ^_^

Over and out

Saturday, January 2, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!

I'm sitting in the library right now, realising with mild surprise that the seats here are actually extremely comfortable... I've banished myself here until I finish this entry... In truth I wanted to have it done before the end of the year, a sort of farewell to 2009 one might say.. A sign of dedication and maturity as the world heads into double digits in this brand new century.. instead I write to you two days late.. hopeful that this isn't a sign of what things will be like in the new year.

But theres no more excuses, I have a full tummy (large Taro should take me through the better part of this entry) I'm comfy and am surrounded by people intently typing away and setting a good example for the type of work ethic I'd like to employ right now...

Before I start I would just like to say that this entry will be done a little differently - as I have regretably left it a month between entries I plan to put this in point form, I realise if I attempted to sum up everyday in lavish (albiet unnesicary) detail as usuall I'll not only have a major brain burn out trying to remember everything but I'll also bore you stupid - consider it a belated Christmas present...

So In point form (what I remember) of the last month...


CTN was absolutely awesome... I finally found my scedule today... ok thats a lie, I stole it from Anthony when I found a copy in his car the other day... So a full blown down is on its way (promise) for those of you not jumping up and down in sheer excitment and anxiousness I'd like to point out that the break down is more for me than you... a way to let everything that happened sink in...

The Next thing worth mentioning that happened after that was Alex's Birthday on the 20th... ok so I realise that came three weeks after my birthday but all that really hapened in that time was more days in Pasadena,
a weeks worth of rain,
Some more interesting run ins with homeless people
Three more boys trying to get my number (don't worry Anthony... I quickly declined)
Some serious drawing
Christmas Preperation (like decorating the tree)
and an awesome night at ASIFA that gave me a lifetimes worth of artistic inspiration I'm still sifting through (thanks again Steve)

Ok side note... I'm being seriously distracted right now by the man next to me that keeps flicking out his hands every two minutes and muttering... maybe the library wasn't the best idea...

So the 18th rolled around and I spent about a week really working hard to finish Al's video so I could send it of in time for her to get it... $60 later it made its way to Australia to a happily expectant Yvette and a crazily realieved me... Its not easy forking over that much cash when the guy behind the counter tells you it MIGHT get there in time... but it did, and after some playing around with it at the party... (all buig occasions need an appropriate amount of technical dificulty) they got it working and I successfuly made Alex cry! booyeah! Hey I didn't collect 21 years worth of pics and memories for nothing ^_^ It was great being a part of the festivities too, even if I spent most or the time sitting on Lils lap...

It was really awesome as well keeping her company that night (lil not Alex) We swaped songs, sang Part of your world with the help of Yvette on her end and Amber on mine, then I showed her how to make a BLT and we spent the rest of the night watching Icarly - Love you and miss you Lil!

Christmas Eve came steaming along shortly after and festivities were started of with a short day at work then a concert at night. Hamid and Eman came to pick me up at 6:30 to make for the Hilton near Universal Studios... We spent the early part of the night around the bar, egging on Carolers, eating dry peanuts, stealing strawberries and proving to Eman that I did indeed have 6 jobs before I left... A fact that won my a ticket to see Avatar in 3D ^_^

Passing the buffet that spilled lavishly into the halls and was filled with everything from a sushi to roast and anything else you could want or imagine we got to our own Persian delights then sitting down near the stage got ready to hear Hamid and the Blackcats rock out.

The Music lasted till 2am - broken only be a huge fist fight that had people screaming anf performing high kicks, for some well over tipsy I was surprised how fast eman had me under his arm to take me out of there.

The Next day Santa had been and it was Pancakes curtisy of Brad... I provided fresh oranges I'd stolen from the buffet the night before (I managed to get six out under my jacket... mum, you taught me well) After breacy and a present from Dad and Yvette - I'll use it well - I went for a walk to Burbank to meet Gary for a movie - surprisingly it was packed and I was thankful Gary had shown up early and gotton tickets as the line stretched all the way up the bllock. We decided to pass the time with drinks at Bobaloca then took up our place in the line for Sherlock Holmes.

The movie was pretty good, unfortunetly due to a late night before I almost fell asleep in the middle - but I recomend it if your a fan of the franchise.

We ended the night with Thai then it was home to bed

Boxing day I had to work in the morning and after two late nights left the house feeling extremely crusty and worse for wear.. but I made it through a slow day at Haagan Dasz and later met with Alina to see Avatar and have dinner at Pho... mmmm chicken salad.

Avatar was great... better than I expected... but then I had pretty low LOW expectations... But as promised it looked beautiful and incredibly expensive... It turned out the story really did resemble Atlantis but I think it was about half way through when I realised I liked Atlantis so the simalirities weren't really such a bad thing...

Before I wrap up christmas I'd just like to Thank everyone again for all my presents - I really did feel loved and incredibly spoiled this year

Dad/Yvette and Lil - for the money which I'm still spending (just bought myself a massage) and my Disney Game
Mum - for the rent
Brad/Amber and Brandon for the Blanket
Gary for the Meal
My Boss Seni for the voucher
Jen for my card
and everyone else for the well wishes ^_^

The next major event was of course New Years.. Finding at the last minute I had the day of work I started with a sleep in on the Eve and bummed around the house till midday when I finally got dressed and headed to Burbank to meet with Guss and Tony... the day was a surprise so making sure I had everything on the list Tony sent me I met with them at 2:30 for a late lunch and a long trip down to Long Beach.
After seeing some awesome motercycle tricks set up by the pier we met with Tim, and deciding against skating on the fake ice that odly resembled rubber we made for the acquarium - I think its the most fun I've had at an acquarim ever!! we rushed around like idiots making whale sounds (ok that was just me) pretending to swim with the fish, discovering the difference between Sea Lions and Seals, Getting our guides embossed (something I made my personal mission) and topping it of with ahealthy dose of sarcassm - summed up in Tony's brilliant line towards a leg spreading starfish that seemed to resemble his Ex wife - much to the caretakers horror - totall classic!

Giving up on the final embossing station we made our way to the crowded pier to watch a dareldevil with a name that resembles cold meat (pastrami I think) break a world record for the longest car jump over water from one ramp to another.. pretty sweet stuff.

We then spent the next two and a bit hours wondering around trying to find dinner as everywhere was either closing the kitchen or completely booked out... or of limits due to the fact I'd forgotton my ID (sorry again guys)

But we finally came across Baba Gump Shrimp (literally where we had started) and had an excelletn dinner of fresh prawns - I got the salad which was one of the best I've ever had ^_^

Just as the temperature dropped and the crowds started to gather we rugged up and headed to the water for the fireworks - not as good as Home but still loud and colourful and as always a slightly extravagant waste of money ^_^ when the last explosion rung out accross the water lighting up he boats and happy drunk faces of most in the crowd we head to PF changs to warm up before we headed back to the cars...

Thanks again Everyone for a fantastic 2009 - thanks to those of you that actually took the time to read my blog - it really does make it worth while - Thanks for supporting me and giving me feedback, I hope my lengthy entries haven't scared you away so you'll be back for more this year

In other quick news

I've written a song that I'm trying to compose
I'm still working on my book
I'll have my stuff in Karen's shop at the end of this month (hopefully)
I have three new classes with Gary and Shaun - I'm teaching comic books and Science again
I bought a Calender and plan to actually use it!

Some pics from New Years