Tuesday, January 26, 2010

rain rain, go away...

I've also included a couple of the images I've been working on this week. I've been spending more time on illustration and composition... there's more examples on my DA page - comment if you can ^_^


  1. These illustration ROCK, Lesley!!

  2. ha ha nice vid, great illos, i loved the rain, how things. You should have done subtitles for your mother, tsk tsk, no we dont care about your shopping lol.
    Wat shoes in the micro wave, come on les
    here is an idea blow on them, even better light the laces on fire ha ha sorry i cant help myself.
    What sketch club did you go too?
    well that was entertaining i need something to get me through the night as i animate
    see you later

  3. (Whoa, what's up with the crazy Japanese)

    First up, love the pics, they look awesome! Also, digging your hair, it looks beautiful. ^_^

    ALSO diggin' the tunes! Coraline soundtrack is fantastic, and that's one of my favourite tracks. I'd hate to subtitle my own voice, I'd have to listen to it over and over and over and over...I think I'd go insane.

    Go team no touchy facey! Woo! Your face looks lovely and smooth on this video though :P (also, UP soundtrack! Wooo!)

    I did hear about this actually (well, this is a retrospective reply because I've been slack lately, and I know you're fine so hey! All's good ^_^ )

    Nothin' like a good soak! Real Converse aren't any better dude, they're just as bad. Also, dried out shoes = a bit stinky. Wait, you nuked a shoe?! Didn't it just melt the sole?? Just hang them over a heater! Or use a hair drier!

    Ha, pen talk. I'm sure your writing is fairly colourful already...that or totally crazy, whichever you prefer.

    Ha, I was just about to write "tell me you were listening to the song!", so good show!

    Gah, turps and chlorine...not a great mix. If you added bleach, it'd be a recipe for horribleness.

    Bigger is better as they say...whoever they are. Who comes up with these damn phrases anyway?

    Friendly neighbourhood barrister? /badspidermanreference

    Also, I'm guessing the tune after 'Walking on Sunshine' is from The Princess and the Frog...which I never saw...currently hanging head in shameful shame. Nice tune though!

    "Pfft, rain? Get outta here!" - Roads
    "OH GOOD LORD IT'S RAIN! WHATDOIDO WHATDOIDO!" - Drivers (and apparently, sketchers in the sketch club)

    Yeah, that was an interesting debacle. I quite like Conan and never was a big fan of Leno, so I guess it's obvious who I sided with...

    The answer to what I'm doing and what I did on Australia day is one and the same: nothing. Story of my life! I'm sure no one will mind: just turn around and say "It's Australia day! Get with it!"