Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy me lazy you

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  1. (I'm sure there are worse things to say than 'that was cool', so it's!)

    It feels like Play School story time! I'm not being mean or anything, it just kinda reminds me of it for some reason. And hey, I always read 'em! :<

    I suppose the thing that would really prevent them from saying you're a 12 year old is to grow a beard...might be a tad bit hard for you though, you may need to fashion a mustache out of your hair.

    Nothing wrong with being idiots, it's fun.

    UCLA, woo!

    Well, thank god that Ted episode is over...hopefully...please let it be over! Btw, have you done a count on how many cha days you've had?

    STAR WARS! I don't think you told me about this!

    Bonus woo! It's a real shame it isn't more though...

    Egad, bowl cut fringe job! That ain't good. :<

    Just two weeks? That's not bad, you can plan around that! I really like the rain though...

    Ah ha! So no touchy rule is a resolution eh? Well now I have some ammo to use!

    Btw, you didn't say 'that was cool' that much. ;)