Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Write right ^_^

Yes, thats right folks, I've gone back to writing my blog - well at least for this entry, partly because I may just have some time on my hands (provided no last minute distractions come up) and I'm looking really bad at the moment due to a severe lack of sleep - The other day I was trying to draw and literally fell asleep right on top of my drawing, pen still in hand poised and ready... I woke up startled about 15 minutes later with a red mark on my forehead, a little pencil on my nose and a significant amount of drool on my picture... not to mention some odd looks from the people next to me...

But I think I've caught up a little now and am ready - NO, excited to blog away for all three of you lovely people ^_^

First things first HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY... Hope your having an awesome time on the ski fields - wish I was there!
Another little shout out - its now officially 6 months since I've been in America, and therefore 6 months till I'm home - So for those of you who are missing me terribly or are dreading my return were half way there...

And now for my wondrous adventure this past week...

Monday BAD DAY
was horrible - yep I said it, I was on my way to class as usual, looking back with disgust at the lady down the back that burped for 30 minutes straight, but excited at the prospect of teaching the littlies how to draw backgrounds - knowing full well I'd probably only get through teaching them how to draw a straight line... they are only 5 after all... was half way to Culver City (which may as well be in another country) and the bus never showed! Now for those that know me well you'll know that I HATE letting people down, more than anything, and this was the ultimate disappointment - my boss's were upset, I was upset and they cancelled the class so I imagine the kids were too... I turned around and went home totally dejected, spending the next few hours drinking away my troubles (don't worry it was only Chai tea) and pouring every ounce of knowledge I had into a booklet for each kid, hoping it would make up for them missing out...

And my first customer for the day - AUSTRALIAN - unfortunately I was so tired I completely forgot to wish him a happy A day, and tried to make up for it on the next guy that came along, luckily he was a good sport and played along pretending to believe in its significance... After work I loaded up on chicken salad then went with Tony to ASIFA to do some solid archiving whilst listening to good Ol Hamish and Andy podcasts - then further celebrated by watching countless you tube videos of Australian comedians and snippets from classic movies (hows that for spreading Aussie cheer). We rounded up the day at an Animation Nation meeting, listening to great artists talk about their rise to success - how to get self published and then I got to spend ages getting advice from a great artist I met previously at Comic con! Thanks again for everything Gary ^_^

Wednesday CHA DAY
I was so happy to make my way to Cha today, on the verge of serious withdrawal symptoms, it sat on the bus absorbed in my new book (the Golden compass - soooo much better than the film) practicing the art of ignoring people so I wouldn't be disturbed - I'm getting better! I even stopped myself from looking around to find the person that seemed to be making weird puppy noises... That night I rode home after stopping in to Coffee Bean to say hi to Peter and finished the night with a big bowl of soup (Yes... its still going...)

Thursday HORSE DAY
Ok so not quite - I did see a horse though, right after my class at Chatsworth - Gary picked me up this time so I didn't have to treck the few miles there from the bus stop. This gave me time to grab a drink from the local liquor store (just got flavoured water) A WORD TO YOU ALL - always ask them to break down the cost if you think they may have over charged you - I did and my purchase went from $5.50 to $3.20... which may not seem a lot for you but for me is at least one serving of yogurt ^_^ Tony and I continued our Thai tradition after class (minus luke unfortunately) then made our way to a crowded Pricillas for sketch club - they were having a mixer that night - I think I was the greatest mixing success of the night though as I had to introduce myself to almost everyone there in order to bargain tables and chairs... I even got a new Badge out of it!! (A james jean one that I swapped with a bird one I had - I felt like I was 7 years old, playing of the importance of the one he had and talking up mine - after the exchange was made and he was out of ear shot I completely geeked out over it and proudly placed it on my bag much to the raised eyebrows of my peers)

Friday CHA DAY
More Cha adventures, I got to stay a while this time as well as Tony picked me up, staying to draw and drink for an hour then it was of to Loyola (his old university). Thanks to insane LA traffic we were almost an hour late and literally ran like idiots down through campus and snuck into the back of the theatre to settle into the most comfy seats I've ever sat in IN my WHOLE LIFE!! The panel was hysterical and finished on a high - brought down momentarily when I got busted for having my feet up on the chair in front of me (woops) We stayed around at the end shmoozing and getting some great advice from the artists there - among them was Beth (the best creature designer I know), Brianne (responsible for potato factory girl blog), William Wray and Eric Canetet!! and more ^_^ As it got really late and people filled out of the theatre we stopped by the labs to say hi to Kiki and the gang working late on some animation projects then started on the long drive home.... I even got to talk to Lil when I got home - all up it was an awesome day! ^_^

Saturday WORK DAY
From 1-9 although I managed to get out at 8 for some dinner and to wait around for Eric and Tony to pick me up for the movies... Reading in Coffee Bean with Chai in hand I fell into a conversation with a guy that ended up offering my VISA advice and a contact in immigration then was on my way to Hollywood for a screening of the "The ROOM" Due to a miscalculation we ended up parking miles away so therefore had to run/jog/power walk to the theatre and join the endless line to get in - for a movie thats supposed to be the worst ever made, it sure does have a lot of hardcore fans...) Once inside and having heard the director (who looked like edward scissor hands and seemed a little high) give a brief intro and Q and A we quickly discovered that the idea was audience participation with people constantly yelling at the screen and pelting plastic spoons at certain scenes - kinda wish we hadn't sat in the first row...
That night after two nights of going to sleep at 4 I fell into bed with my clothes on and didn't move till my alarm went of the next morning

I had work early that morning and discovered today what it must be like to have narcolepsy as I'd go to start something and wake up a few minutes later... in the same position... That night I fell asleep watching the grammies and knowing I had a later start the next day finally let my body catch up... more or less

Till next week


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  2. High time I posted. So, let me say wow, a birthday shoutout in all caps... and for all the world to see. I don't deserve this. I'm not worthy. A BIG THANK YOU!!! But I digress. In my opinion, another great post, very organized. Whoa, whoa, easy tiger, that's not to say your other posts weren't organized. In fact, I like the disorder of the video posts - very candid and stream of thought and like those confessionals in those terrible mtv reality shows. Anyways, you didn't dissappoint and let me say it's been a pleasure seeing you develop into a full-fledged illustator.

    P.S. Sorry if I misled you and got you excited. Both comments are from little old me. Blogger was acting up and this was the result.

  3. And yet another wild week in your crazy life...I've no idea how you squeeze this much out of a week. Seriously, if I blogged about my week, it'd be something like:

    "Went to work today" x5
    "Didn't work today" x2

    And if I were really lazy:

    "Went to work today" x5x40

    Yesiree, life = spiffy!

    Btw, I'm surprised we never got busted for having our feet up in cinemas...we did it all the time!

  4. Oh no this one was a "special cinema." it was at a school, not to mention
    the guy running the thing was sitting right behind me... :(
    As for your life - I'm sure if you looked a little harder you find some great stuff to blog about - thoughts you had, weird customers, funny moments, good food, Games you played...