Monday, February 8, 2010

Always wear a helmet

If its not working...

click on the entry title "Always wear a helmet"
Then try a few times till it says its "buffering"

If it still takes too long - let me know and I'll
email you the vid ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Biking accidents are never fun. I've had a fair few in my life, my first major one involved me riding into a parked truck and attempting to cover up the huge gash on my leg with a single band-aid (it didn't work).

    Good to hear about the store opening! It's about time your stuff was available publicly, so well done!

    Mindless vandalism sucks, particularly when it's something like a bike. Seriously people! WTF

    Woo, karaoke! Not that I've done it, but I assume it's fun.

    Excellent save on the lesson btw. :P

    Hehe, thanks for the shoutout, I think that's officially my first one!

    I suppose with Daffy's voice it's a lot harder because they're imitating an existing voice. Also, go Up!

    War on presents has commenced I won't break me! Not understanding your own notes is probably a good indicator that sleep is needed too. :P Bookstore chillout sessions are awesome.