Friday, August 21, 2009

Lesley's Law

Has anyone ever noticed that an incredibly good day is almost always followed by an incredibly bad one... or bad couple of days - I think its the universe's way of balancing out joy in the world... In any case I'm going to call it "Lesley's law".

With this in mind I had a bad case of Lesley's law the last day or so. Following my great drawing day that saw me floating home with sheer euphoria and sense of gay whimsy.... not that kind of gay people... It was all taken away upon the discovery that my sunglasses are now missing, YES its true, my last ray of hope (and vision) was taken away... and the worst thing... I have NO idea HOW!! I'm absolutely positive I put them on my dresser so in the night they have grown legs and ran away... its the only explanation I have... even Michaela is baffled, we sat on our beds for half an hour staring at each other in complete confusion...

Upset, frustrated and slightly headachy from not being able to focus properly I spent some time moping then went downstairs to make some lunch. To improve my mood I made myself a really nice chicken salad (marinated chicken I made the other night) and upon taking it into my room to watch tv... DISASTER struck... or should I say, Lesley's Law (actually now that I think about it maybe I shouldn't associate my name with something so depressing... ) struck and the salad flew out of my hand and landed ALL OVER my bed.. the floor and my computer!

Later I was seen looking for a firewire cable to back up my computer (as I'm petrified something will happen) and told by every electronic store that no one had any (one place didn't even know what a firewire cable was... how is it he got a job I haven't)... Not to mention my electronic book I bought is locked so I can't print it out and read it normally (its hard to read 60 pages on the computer)

But my law also works the other way - badness must be followed by goodness so after this I was able to print out my other e-book (all 214 pages of it) and got a discount, Had an amazing session with the guys at the sketch club that night, and after biting the bullet and finally getting my eyes tested for a prescription was given a free contact fitting (she felt sorry for me as an unemployed, insurance's person that was at the point close to tears). So with my contacts in I was able to buy myself some funky sunglasses ($5) and found a great deal on belts ($4 each!)

Hope your all well and having a good day.. just watch out for the bad one...


  1. As much as I don't condone breaking laws, might I suggest you wholeheartedly attempt to break that one? Cos it is mighty depressing! I guess so long as it balances out with more good days with bad, it's not so...bad.

    Btw, did you need a firewire cable? I can send one over for you if you want...