Sunday, August 9, 2009

HELP! I can't SEEEE!!

Its true folks, I'm sitting here blind as a bat... ok not that bad, but I am sufficiently headachy, "why" you ask with concern... well... I lost my glasses... Don't get me wrong, the day started out fantastically, Rode my bike to the mall singing Miley Cyrus songs with the breeze in my hair and my rainbow ribbons whipping out like kite tails. I was allowed to keep the bike in the Sports chalet (safe and secure) not to mention all my busses arrived on time and within a few minutes of getting to the stop.

I may have missed my stop on the bus and ended up in Chinatown, but I got to have a look around (hear some manic chinese conversations) and then catch the train (a significantly nicer ride) to Pasadena. 21 choices had Oreo flavoured yogurt (very tasty) then at Cha I got to spend 3 hours drawing, eating chicken dumplings and drinking hot Taro tea.

Oh man, life was good... then whilst ridding back home, it all went wrong.. chugging up the enormous mountain, otherwise known as Cabrini dr I finally made it to the top where I was met by stairs... have you ever been half way through trying to do something crazy and start laughing - well that was me half way up. I made it to the top bruised, scratched, sweating, puffing and muttering curse words under my breath like a sailor in a bad storm! flicking the kick stand I opened the door, carefully pulled open the blinds...unlocked the sliding door... slowly inched open the screen door then after navigating my bike up over the threshold, through the living room and outside onto the patio, I wrapped it in tarp and made sure everything was locked and shut after me... this my friends is what I'll have to do EVERYTIME I use my bike!!

With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach I went to change my glasses around and... they were gone!! To further the badness I'm not supposed to go to the lost and found office for three working days... so I'm sunnies bound for three days... in a word... unfair!

In other news Yesterday was alright, I was supposed to meet Luce at little Tokyo but we missed each other and without phone credit (surprisingly not me) it was a no hope situation, but I did have a decent look around and had some really nice sushi, so it wasn't all bad...

Heres hoping things improve tomorrow...

Oh by the way, if you can ever get a hold of lemon almonds, DO - they are fantastic!! I picked some up at the markets yesterday morning ^_^

this is my new character - and a look at a little comic strip ^_^


  1. No! Not your glasses! They're! You can't have lost them... :<

    Mr. Boba is rather charming, although I have to ask: what is he? :P

  2. hahah he is a boba, you know those tapioca pearls at the bottom of drinks ^_^

    And as for my glasses.. I know! I'm so upset!! hopefuly I'll find them at lost property :(