Saturday, August 8, 2009

I told you I'd be back!

Hey guys,

forgot to put this one in last night. Luckily for me yesterday was fairly uneventful... well excepting the fact I FINALLY WENT INSIDE DISNEY STUDIOS!!! Take THAT security guard that laughed at my determination! I said I'd be back and I was ^_^ well I got through the front door anyway.

I arrived at 12 after taking the long way there (got acquainted with Norbet) and lining up with the cars entering peddled casually to the booth announcing proudly that I was here to see Matt Robert's. She smiled kindly and passing me a visitors badge told me to park my bike and head in! It took me about 15 minutes to walk the short passageway as I gawked awkwardly at the art of Princess and the Frog on display.

Whilst waiting at reception, slyly getting to know Eric the security guard, I bumped into Wayne (one of the guys from comic-con) then turned to see Matt smiling and extended his hand for a shake. Slightly disappointed we headed out of the building to the abc next door, through the marbled hallway to the food court. Its was great having lunch with someone who is as like minded about animation, in a place surrounded by future colleagues (I hope :P) on the way out we even saw Glen Kean, but I kept my cool and tried not to geek out too much... that is until we were out of site.

Back in reception we parted ways and after a chat with Eric about his honeymoon in Sydney I got back on my bike and spent the rest of the afternoon getting supplies for my clothing business and little accessories for Norbet... (I'm now the proud owner of a little green bell ^_^). I arrived home later that day, distinctly more sweaty than when I left, and locked and covered Norbet before heading inside.

I had prawn stirfry for dinner, then drew until bed

Hope you guys had a great Saturday ^_^


  1. I'd love to hear about an eventful day, if this was an example of a non-eventful day...I mean sheesh, that's pretty darn exciting!

    Also, awesome pic :D