Sunday, August 16, 2009

No glasses matching your description...

Hey there blogeroos

I thought I'd add this little ditty as my memory slowly filters out information I'd forgotten - I remembered why I spoiled myself with a movie - I spent 6 hours on public transport on a journey to the lost and found depot to be told by a very disgruntled women she didn't have my glasses! You know what, I don't even think she looked properly... supposedly there's different boxes for different lines so my glasses could be in any box... bet she only looked in a couple - and to top it all of handed me a card at the end saying - call this number to see if they're there.. THAT information would have been more useful BEFORE I spent so long on crowded extended buses down here, I looked at her eyebrows furrowed and grunted something to that effect, but then of course felt guilty cos I guess its no her fault...

Oh and I included a better pick of my tattoo (which someone thought was real) Its a dragon (I've since been told its hard to tell.. thanks mum) Hope you all have fantastic Mornings, noons and nights


Oh yeah, and if any one is interested in seeing me in a movie, let me know and I'll send it to you ^_^


  1. I was wondering about this little issue btw...could you go back when someone else was there and ask if you could search through the boxes yourself? It's a shame about your glasses though, they're very much you...can't say I've gone through the same thing as you, cos I change glasses pretty much every year :P

    It is an awesome dragon, I have to long till it disappears?

  2. Well, its not really a little's a big one, my bad. >_<

  3. Yeah - hopefully my optometrist will get back to me... I might have to get mum to go in as the email link is for the company itself (they have 4 branches)

    The dragon was of the same day unfortunately - would have been cool if it lasted a little longer ^_^ although like David said, might be hard to get a job if its still there...

    I'll try, but considering the plated glass and locked door I think they have issues with security...