Monday, August 3, 2009

Just don't get my bad side

Hey Guys

So today I was ready for my close up, and after waiting all morning for Michaela to pick me up (as sad as it sounds the highlight was my salad topped with the dressing I bought from Cha ^_^) come 1:30 Michaela was at my door puffing and ready to take me to the shoot.

It started slow, so slow in fact that I fell asleep on the couch, and was woken only to the smell of pizza permeating thorough the flat. When they had finished woofing down their lunch it was time to get started. They were shooting with an extremely old clunky camera (black and white with no sound and made a loud clicky noise when it began rolling) but after measuring the light, distance and double checking the story boards it was "ready actress" "Ready camera" "Marker, rolling, speed, ACTION".

All up I had 24 shots, 8 dress changes, a nap in my trailer (also known as Undres car - which had that lovely new car smell) until we FINALLY wrapped at 9:30 (so much for only going 4 hours). I say the thing I can take away from this is I am VERY good at talking to myself (I had to pretend in every shot that my boyfriend was with me and we were talking).

After the wrap, we grabbed yogurt and Taro tea to celebrate (I was shouted the yogurt for doing Michaela the favour) then it was straight home to bed... ok maybe not straight away ^_^


  1. I've noticed that any time you put a approximation of how much time something is going to take (particularly anything like that) it ALWAYS goes over time. I think it's a universal law or something...