Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get this party started ^_^

Hey friends and family,

So its been a while between blogs... well a few days, and guess what... not much has happened, yep things have been pretty quiet, in fact I was contemplating whether or not to bore you with an entry tonight but I figured you'd hear about it if I was home so... may as well keep the babbling tradition alive ^_^

Yesterday was toped of by a trip to the movies, (among a few chores... actually not sure if I can call them chores if I create them for myself... seriously people I'm so desperate for a little purpose I've been creating imaginary jobs for myself...) But I fake rewarded myself anyway - with Julie and Julia... that movie with Merryl streep and Amy Adams, it was really nice, had some funny moments, and even made me tear up slightly... there was a bit about sisters and well... (miss you guys) And of course it boasted lots and lots of food!

Today was heaps of fun, I made my way down to Little Tokyo after a browse of Glendale markets (tasted the nicest roast capsicum sauce - "mums magic") and it was going of! there were balloons, jumping Castles (news flash, it just took me 5 minutes to figure out how to spell castle - stupidest word ever...) Kids, stalls and more. I started with a quick browse then straight into the museum for some craft. We were making Kokeshi dolls, which are Japanese dolls originally from Northern Japan- the museum was having an exhibition with over 200 different ones from the originals to pop art infused modern creations. Holding my doll proudly after being told it was the first one of the day to wear glasses, I got my face painted (hey as a fellow face painter I have to suss out the competition) had a browse of the exhibition, then spent the rest of the day drifting around the various smaller festivals sprawled throughout little Tokyo.

On the bus home I had a nice chat with a couple of guys I had sketched at the stop then it was home for master chef time where I made a minestrone soup, meatloaf and began marinating some honey soy lemon chicken... mmmm, the meatloaf just came out of the oven, I guess its time for a taste

Until next time ^_^


  1. Cute doll and awesome face painting job! It looks totally hardcore

    Gotta love those fake rewards too, particularly when you're really determined about them. Just gotta be careful not to go nuts...

  2. For sure... I'll be careful ^_^