Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr blue sky

Today I collected yet more crazy bus stories as I watched one driver yell at us all for having the windows down when he had the airconditioning on - and another lady yell at him to keep his eyes on the road. All this on the way to see China Town (on purpose..sort of) where I browsed crowded markets and navigated push cart trolleys all the while trying to find a bathroom.

A bus ride into Pasadena later, had me snacking on Blueberry muffin flavored yogurt (don't knock it till you try it), and then a four hour sit in cha for a major drawing session to which I welcomed an hour massage after. Its always a bad sign when a masseuse touches your back and says almost instantaneously - "Oh you so tense, your back very scary" but she powered through and did an awesome job - I was so relaxed in fact, I didn't even mind their was no door... although I do wish those people didn't have to walk by just when she had my pants down and was working out my butt...

Refreshed and happy I floated to the bus home, where I and my milk tea were lucky enough to be picked up by Tabitha for a ride the rest of the way, or more importantly up our mountain... I now sit/lie/shift around on my bed listening to Peter Combe's remembering whistfuly the old days and much less scary back times...

Until later
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  1. pack a lot into a Thursday! I've never been to Chinatown by bus, but it sounds like it' experience. I've taken the subway there and that's actually not too crazy.

  2. Yeah, I did it by accident the first time ^_^ I think I like Little tokyo better though, it seems to be a lot friendlier...

  3. Thank god the masseuse wasn't like that'd be shipped straight off to a hospital straight after...