Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The day after...

Hey everyone

So this will definitely definitely be a pretty short one (I can hear the halelua chorus) - don't blush..I know your all busy people ^_^

I got to sleep in for a start Woohoo... when till you ask.. ok 8:30 but to my defense I am still slightly on Sydney time. Any way I rolled myself out of bed at 9ish (tough to do on the top bunk) and after having a miner freak out that I couldn't find my key (and was busting to go to the toilet) finally found it and made my way to the bathroom and then breaky.

The morning was spent online, and wondering around the mall eating, browsing and wasting time. After a trip round the block I was bored and decided to collect my things and head to the station. I made the mistake of thinking I could walk as thats how I'd got to the hostel but forgetting i now had two extra bags by the time I got there I was dying! teehee

Whilst waiting I chatted to a fellow Con attendee then when on the train, stretched out and slept most of the way. Brad picked my up from North Hollywood station and when I arrived I was shown around the house and introduced to the new addition (Amber had the baby while I was away - a little boy called Bradley who is very cute... and SOO tiny ^_^)

I unpacked my things, had a proper shower.. with proper soap! and then curled up in my OWN bed and fell asleep in about two seconds....agghh for the small pleasures in life.

Over and out

Oh I've decided to put photos on my facebook, as it takes too long here...


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  2. What's this? A quiet, normal day? This is out of character for you, Lel! Gotta love those small pleasures ^_^