Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh dear its DEAR! (wow I think my titles are getting lamer and lamer)

Hey Bloggers, bloggets and wee little blogeroos

Today was a little more relaxed, but some how a lot more painful...I woke mid morning to the sound of gentle typing and bery stiff legs and back (I think the shoulder bag is making me lopsided) then mumbling a good morning to Michaela, I stumbled downstairs for toast and yogurt then plonked myself on the bed determined to sought out the stack of cards I had collected over the course of Comic con.

It took me almost 5 hours to do (minus some time for a lunch break) but I made it! woohoo, I even got a couple of replies in that time, which was really encouraging! unfortunately none live in Burbank so they were mostly messages of "keep going" "need any help don't hesitate to message" and that kinda thing. So feeling saintly I decided to head out around three thirty for a walk down to the mall. As I walked down my street I was stopped by crossing dear (no joke there was 5 of them and a little baby!) just wondering around our neighborhood, then once I made it to the shops picked up a Taro tea and did some hard core browsing.

I found a nice white belt that I was going to draw on but unfortunately its too small (never occurred to me that belts come in different sizes) plus its non-refundable as it was a closing down sale.. aggh well, I'll grab another one tomorrow. Also whilst in Pink Berry a girl commented on my shirt!
"Hey can I see you shirt"
"Wow thats soo cute!!"
"Really? thanks...actually I made it..well I mean its my design"
"Shutup!! for real??"
"Yeah" (smile)
"Do have like a website or something with more stuff on it?"
Then a couple of the other girls she worked with wanted to have a look, so yeah I'm now seriously considering making some t-shirts up to sell!..... Any one interested?

After yet more browsing watching the sun slowly sink behind the mountains and finding this killer bookstore that looks like it could break records with how many books the guy managed to fit in ... "excuse me where is the comis book section""see that pile on the floor...yep thats it" ^_^ I decided to catch the bus home, stopping along the way to pick up a magazine and double check I had coinage (you always need exact change).

Hungry and thirsty I had dinner when I got home. Later as I walked past the other girls room and saw their decorations I decided our room needed a little touching up, so grabbing Brad, together we put up a few posters, it looks so much better - Brad:"Thats better, now its more you" ^_^ You said it mate! I also got to chat with Luce and Uncle Steve on Skype which was nice, as well as answer a few more replies from the letters I sent out to people :)

Matt got back to me - so hopefully I'll be able to spend a little time at Disney this week
and tomorrow Alina is picking me up for a late night sketch session at a local cafe with a group of artists which should be really fun!

Well my friends
thats all for now



  1. 5 hours? Egad...still, cards collected at Comicon must look pretty sweet

    I say go for the t-shirt selling! If you make a bit of money from it, it'd be awesome! And how cool would it be to just walk past someone one day wearing one of your designs? It'd be awesome!

    That's one thing I like about those little American stores: they've got a LOT of stuff. You could spend forever delving through their stuff and just finding all this stuff.

    Posters! Finally! (Sorry Pauline >_<) We'll have to Skype sometime soon btw ;)

    I guess my comment about you spending time at Disney sometime soon came true pretty quickly! Congrats dude!

  2. Yeah I know.. My butt was totally flat by the end ^_^

    Yeah hopefully the t-shirt thing works out, theres actually a vender in the store so it would be easy to do!

    Yes, well I can skype anytime, its more your cooky schedule we have to consider, so name the time and I'll be there!

  3. Hey, those cooky times come from the same country you're from! :P