Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But I would walk 500 miles · And I would walk 500 more · Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles

Ok folks... here it is, another day in the life of me.. well you wanted it, I mean thats why your here right? unless you just stumbled across this page accidentally, in which case I apologise for wasting your time so far, and suggest you move on to the site you intended to get to in the first place ^_^

For those that for some reason are here on purpose heres what happened... I got up late to discover a person lying next to me... no not in my bed, in the one next to me... after stumbling down stairs for some breaky (had porridge opposite Brads mum) then internet browsing for a while, my new roomie started to Stir. Turns out her name is Micheala, she's from Indonesia and is very nice! we had a little chat rugged up in our pink silk doonas about room rules, our general sleep patterns and why we are here. She's 23 and is studying film at the university next to universal studios (she even gets to shoot on the back-lot).

Once I'd finished doing a few net tasks I got dressed and politely declining a lift, slip, slop, slapped for a trip to the shops. Well, what a trip it was, as I walked glenoaks looking for local shops (emergency food) and any places job worthy (community centre that has day camps and children's workshops) I FINALLY made it to the downtown shopping centre were I proceeded to browse, slurp down a giant taro slushy with pearls then settle at mongolian for lunch.

After a good look at all the shops on offer I set out for Disney.. another hour or more later I finally made it, same deal the guards stopped me from going far, but I was in there longer than last time (muahahaha) I didn't bother hanging around and instead of mopping headed straight up olive to Nickelodeon (stopped by social security office to freshen up and get water) where I got inside! the security guard at the gate was this really nice old guy that took my inside to the security office. I didn't manage to talk to anyone important, however I did get some great info about the internship from one of the guards who's doing it as we speak, as well as a look around the studio and a some more water ^_^

Tired and sore from all the walking I headed to Pink Berry for a pick me up as well as picked up an application (yay for free yogurt and money if I get to work there teeheee). Whilst waiting for Brad to pick me up and take me food shopping I got them some little chocolates as a thank you then it was of to Trader Joes for some groceries and a chat with brad about more house rules and how to get around.

That night I had to decline an invite to dinner by Brad as Tanitha (my next room neighbour) offered to take me to a comedy show at 11. We ended up at the Shabu Shabu place above the Chinese Man for dinner, and after eating ourselves stupid rolled to the show for a laugh and then it was back home to bed.


  1. Ok, well this is more like you :P

    Having security at places like Disney and Nick seems so out of know what I mean? They make all this creative stuff that's imaginative and free, but the first thing you see when you turn up is security! Granted, the lack of security would lead to some pretty awful things I guess...oh well! They'll let you in properly one day, don't you worry ^_^

  2. Hopefully, you know I think it was the same security guards at Disney from when I came last time... at least the Nick security guards were really nice ^_^

  3. The same ones? Dang, I would've hoped for a bit of sympathy cos you've been there they'd take pity on you for coming again and just say "Aww, we'll let you in"