Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm pee'd out!

I woke at 6:30 (no luck with the sleep in) and knowing I was meeting Pascal and Alina at 8 I burried my head in the pillow a little longer, but as the noise on the street picked up and the sheets began sticking to my skin with the rise in humidity I rolled out of bed for a handful of nuts, wash of my face and a slow trip down to the Marriot.

Calling Pascal to let him know I'd arrived and seeing Alina we made our way to the breakfast buffet. I was so excited, the first proper breaky since I've been here... the smell of eggs and bacon were wafting from the sparking silver dishes with an array of fruit (mango included!) sat calling my forth beside it.. We saw Pascal and just as I was about to mention minding the table while I gorged myself he said "So starbucks? bagel and coffee? the Breakfast here is pretty expensive" I could have cried! But I settled for some yogurt and an entire packet of fruit and nuts resolving today I would get a pretzel as soon as I was inside!

I waited with Alina at the professionals entrance till 9:30, snuck my way in with the jostling crowd and stayed on the floor for a while to show Alina a few things, then saying goodbye, promising her I'd make her an omelet when I saw her next and dumping my stuff I headed to the PR booths for an interview with Cartoon network. I met Tom again looking worse for wear and waited till 10 to go in. It went well, "you have the stuff, you just need to package it" then once I mentioned I'd be here for a year she looked shocked and said "Oh really? oh in that case, heres my card, call me when your in burbank and we'll have coffee" ^_^

Thanking her I ran to my first panel (how to draw monsters) - not too bad, got some helpful tips, then I ran over to the other side of the convention to my next panel were I learnt about cartoon voice overs (funny stuff) There was this old guy on the panel that started laughing at one stage at one of the jokes by another panelist - it was one of those laughs that gets everyone going, so soon we were all rolling around in stitches! :D

It was around 2, so wanting to get the most out of my final hours at CC I spent the next few hours on the floor spending up a storm saying goodbye to all my idols and introducing myself to a few more (I met the Johanne who does Horace - and CHRIS SANDERS!)
As a voice crackled over the loud speaker telling everyone CC was now over I stayed back to help all the guys pack up and move all the boxes down to the car "wow Les your a friggin trooper.." :) After the free books and prints its the least I could do!

After an hour of sorting. packing, loading, puffing, sweating and laughing hysterically when the wheels on our dolly went flat and started to fall of (plus there was an awesome walkway covered in sticky-tape that popped when you stepped on it....its the small things) we said good bye to a few people then Martin, Mike, Pascal, Vin and I went to Joe's Clam Shack for a well earned meal!

We had a blast there till 11, talking about artists, the Con, our plans and teasing MArtin for his horrible choice in cocktails (ordered for everyone... Mike's was the funniest - shark attack - the guy that served it put it on the table then suddenly started screaming about a shark attack as he whipped a little plastic shark out and poured some red liquid it had in its throat into the drink)
It was a night of dancing waitresses, good meals and excellent company but all too soon it was time to go, and exchanging cards and hugs we said goodbye and I was dropped at my hostel promised of a place to stay and maybe even a job when I come to san fran ^_^

I grabbed yogurt after chatting to the guys that were up (guy in yogotango gave me an extra large serving for the price of a small (so nice)) then talking about my plans and being told to sign my work for when I become famous (seriously nice guy from texas). I tried writing in my blog (fell asleep between dot points) then headed to bed!

AND that my faithful bloggers and blogeroos was COMIC-CON 2009!

until tomorrow

P.S> don't worry I'm sure the entries will be a lot shorter from now on ^_^

PP.S for those that are cocktail drinkers... you should try poprocks in your drink - Martin had one and it was the funniest thing ever ^_^

PPP.S The title of the blog is referring to how much Pee in the wind merchandise I have... not how much I've urinated in the last few days... just thought I'd clarify...


  1. Mate - that was awesome. I feel like we were all there with you. What a great start to your adventure. The opportunities youhave are amazing. Can you maybe do a summary of the options like "x from y said I might do z".
    It sounds like you are surrounded by opportunities and really nice people that are keen to help you too. Can you post some photos of your friends too?

  2. Your wish is my command ^_^

  3. Overall, I'd say those couple of days deserve a giant "HOLY CRAP". I doubt you're going to forget about it anytime've also made me incredibly jealous of the whole thing, so now I'm itching to go to one of these shows.

    I have to say though, congratulations! Meeting with that many people and getting that many contacts in the space of a few days truly is impressive, and I'm glad that so many were responsive and liked your work! It can only mean good things for you ^_^

  4. Thanks... yeah I'm pretty amazed myself, but everyone was so nice and helpful.. I was pretty lucky ^_^

    As for you doing it.. well hop on the plane and come over ^_^