Saturday, July 25, 2009

make it count!

Hey Guys

Well it was another fun filled, always entertaining (unless your lining up in the sun and there's no one to talk to)CRAZY, surreal, long ass day at the con. But I survived (yay me!) just...

I write to you tonight from the Eisner awards (the oscars for comics) listening to the gentle hum of people mingling and the croozy sound of jazz traveling over head. Squashed in between two reasonably large people (happy for the warmth) I'll try not only to keep this brief but also hopefully make sense as after only getting about four hours sleep last night my brain is not functioning at the higher level... or any level in fact.

This morning I got up at five (dam you internal alarm) and quickly having breaky and grabbing the stuff I'd prepared earlier that night I headed down to join the line. I got to chat with a really nice girl whilst waiting to get into the convention centre, and a really nice man (george) whilst waiting to get into the Exhibit hall.

Once in I was on a mission to find Joe Moshier for Tony and tell him TBOZ says hi(mission success) He happened to be at Chris's Pea booth (Joe is actually the founder) and after a good chat about Tony and showing him my work, I got to meet his friend from Disney who said she'll give my stuff to someone who matter!!!!!! ^_^ (fingers and toes crossed for that one folks)

(HEy ant Remy's on stage presenting an award ^_^)
(oooh Coraline just won best comic for teens and tweens... OH MY GOD NEIL'S ON STAGE)!!

Ok I'm back ^_^ So giggling with girlish excitement all the way to my next line I chatted to a girl named Mindy while we tried to get our names on the list for Nicolodeon's Portfolio review. The good news is I got on... the bad news, I missed out on the line for the Coraline and didn't make it in :( So it was straight down to Hall H for a three and a half hour wait in the sun chatting with a group around my age about the legends of Disney, Australia, and a bunch of other things. In fact we've all decided to go to the Disney Festival together later in the year which should be really fun ^_^

FINALLY getting into the panel for Disney (Lasseter, Clements, Musker, Miozaki and a bunch of others) I was faced with the choice to either stay or leave for my interview... Safe to say once John had recieved his standing ovation, my 3D glasses were on and the starting bars of Toy story 2 bellowed through the sub boofers into my chest my decision was made for me and I was dazzled for the next few hours whilst my idols ecplained the work going on in their respective studios over the next few years or so!

I was next found running up to Ballroom 20 to get into ANOTHER long long LOOOOONG line to try and see Bones, then Dollhouse presented by JOss whedon and Eliza Dusku. This time I befriended some weirder folk (but entertaining all the same) and knowing we had missed bones (line was too long) we high fived (yes James literally.. its cool here!) as was made it through to see Joss.

I even asked a question in that one, "Hey joss, thanks for hiring an Australian actress and letting her keep her accent, that said, how come Doll house isn't showing in Australia... only on Pay tv??
Bottom line (after being explained by the Australian actress what that meant) he's gonna send a memo ("you live in an awful country" lol)

Ok the guys that wrote Night at the museum were just on and they were HYSTERICAL!

Next up I headed back on the floor to chat with Michael and Pascal for an hour (and getting given a card by one of the guys that heads animation mentor saying if I ever want to join he'll make sure it happens!) I declined a dinner invite with the whole gang and made my way (with yogurt in hand) to the Eisner awards (and l'm glad I did - so thanks for making me go MIchael ^_^)

I can't wait for tomorrow!
over and out


  1. Ok, I resolve that I will have to go to at least...15 of these shows before I cark it, they sound rippingly awesome!

    Now, by Remy I assume you're talking about the brilliant tiny chef? Good to hear you're getting your own stuff out there too, must be exciting

    Ah, and your penchant for asking questions shines through again! Kudos for asking that question though, but what an answer to get :P

  2. yep Remy the rat ^_^
    and as for Joss's answer - I know (^_^)
    I heard its now coming to channel 10!

  3. Huzzah! Here's hoping it doesn't get butchered over here though by putting it on super late, or just deciding to put it on whenever they feel like it