Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi ho hi ho its of to work I go ^_^

Hey guys

I sit on my now bright purple satin doona (I turned it over) which is now vividly reminding me of the flower girl dress I wore to my aunt and uncles wedding kicking myself that I yet again have another long LONG extremely finger tiringly, head scratchingly LONG entry to write...

Its been two hours since writing the first paragraph, the reason being another event thats cropped up in the last week or so. We have more people, yep thats right, Tabitha is out Lauren, Kim and Bridget are in (I'm pretty sure the first name is wrong but to be fair I've only seen the girl twice). I spent the last two hours having a D and M with Bridget which covered everything from family, to the way we learn ^_^

Last Weekend was jam packed, beginning as always with animation class Saturday morning, where I've now been dubbed "The Speed Demon" . Straight after covering overlap and timing I was picked up by Hamid for a another jamming session. We had heaps of fun banging on bongo's, playing duets on the piano and singing the afternoon away - we were so caught up in the music in fact that I was running late to meet Gary back at burbank for our night at the Derby track with the LA derby Dolls.
Getting to know each other a little better in the car, we stopped for dinner at an old sandwich place thats been around sine the early 1900's, then it was of to the track to watch girl on girl roller action, I'd explain the rules but I'm pretty sure I still don't understand exactly how it works, but I can say with certainty that it is a sport, and does require considerable more skill than just being able to skate on a raised track and knock people over.

Early Sunday morning Alina and I travelled out to the country to get the low down on American war history. Crunching along the gravel covered ground and hugging ourselves tightly against the wind we browsed the many stalls set up by the dedicated participants in "Walking through history" Everything from Roman soldiers to Cowboys, there was a parade, live battles and roasted chickens on a spit. After watching the parade and some sketching we heard our tummies grumble and headed back lunch.
I said goodbye to Alina and grabbing yogurt met Gary at the movies to watch Whip It - an awesome movie directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Ellen Page about Roller Derby and finding your crowd ^_^

The rest of the week was spent drawing at Cha, celebrating the opening of Yogurt Land in Burbank (sometime the smallest things in life make you happy) then after a great science class on Thursday with my new assistant making snow I spent friday morning at the zoo and had my first day working at Haagan Daz. Yes my friends, you read right, I FINALLY have a job... not exactly the one I was hoping for, but its 8 bucks an hour that I wasn't getting before. it went great, only a minor incident with some whipped cream which should have been caught on film.

Saturday it was back to class, unfortunately I missed the bus and had to catch a cab, I learnt the hard way that its illegal to hail cabs in LA... don't ask me why... but I manage to make it only 10 minutes late. After I had lunch with Anthony from class, we spent a few hours in Pho noodle hut comparing notes on the industry geeking out about animation and making plans for a zoo group with the rest of the class. After it was work again, feeling the strain as the un-used muscles in my arm were being coxed back to submission.

Sunday started early again with a trip to Descanso Gardens with Alina for some water colour painting. We were lucky to get in after being told we weren't able to use Alina's family pass as we weren't family, resisting the urge tell him I was adopted Alina pleaded that here we are orphans which seemed to work ^_^
We spent most of our time in the rose gardens, then browsing the rest of the park and saving an earthworm from possible flattening we then hit an art store on the way home and I spent the rest of the day at Bobaloca drawing and hanging with the guys.

Oh I have also found a new show to feed my obsessive personality - GLEE!!! (the name and the way I feel about it ^_^)

This is a picture of me in the shirt I got for free today as well as my new glasses

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  1. Would've been weird if you missed out on the word "roller" and just wrote "girl on girl action". I'd be a tad bit suspicious (but maybe curious too? - Maybe I shouldn't be writing this here >_<)

    Illegal to hail cabs? What the heck!?

    Nice shirt and glasses btw ;>