Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm still here ^_^

Again I sit here in the library kicking myself for leaving this till the last minute again.. the days are filling up so fast I need my diary to remember what I did yesterday!
I'll try my best to keep it in order (for my sake more than yours) but I figure as long as most of events get a mention it'll be ok.
In fact I may treat it a little like a newspaper article...
The most recent of which is that I've started my science lessons with Creative Smarties, Its down in Encino and I completely lucked out with a great group of kids! the guys that run it are the exact opposite of Danny, they're organised, they care about the work I do and want to COMPENSATE me for any extra work and training! Not to mention theres a couple of girls in the class called Willow so I spent the first lesson staying true to my inner Buffy obsession and making excuses to say their names as much as possible ;p
Our first lesson was about wind and the second we got to make bouncy balls - I swear, I think I'm having more fun than the kids ^_^
In my days off I have of course been spending time at Cha, running into a lady that told me I was a skinny crack addict that needed to go change my clothes. Theres been a lot hapening around Burbank. In fact I still have a sore tummy from the Taste festival yesterday in which I basically paid 30 dollars to get sick. I ate so much I had meat sweats! All the resteraunts and small food outlets in the area had a stall out so you could taste their best dishes, all the proceeds went to the YMCA and their scholarship innitiatives. After going through all the stalls I spent the rest of the night listening to the live jazz band pumping music from the main stage and doing caricatures, in fact I ended up getting another gig from it so I will hopefuly be doing a party in the future!
The house has some new arrivals, one of which being my new roomie Kim, a young studying actress who's so nice she gave me a massive hug on our first encounter as I was waking up in the morning and she was moving in ^_^

We also tried our family dinners - Erin and I proposed to have dinner all together every two weeks. This time it was my turn cook - I made stuffed mushrooms with a Bolognese sauce - it was quite tasty

As usual the weekend was packed with Movie watching (the secret of Kells - a beautiful 2D animated film from Scotland about the Book of Kells and its secret origins. My favourite was a spell binding song sung by an extremely talented 9 year old) My animation class. The opening of the gallery I was in, which went really well despite the weird crowd and even stranger gallery owners. Not to mention the strange guy that made me get him a new straw when he dropped his on the ground, I think he was offended that I hadn't heard of him and questioned why him and his "posy" were in clown suites ^_^

We also browsed book stores of original children's art, I caught up on errands AND did more caricatures around the area. Alina and I got to spend more time together on Wednesday when we met after she'd finished work to have a bite to eat and see Mary and Max at Dreamworks - opened by its Writer/Director/creator Adam Elliot, who surprisingly remembered me from our brief encounter at Cremorne theatre in Sydney ^_^

Stayed tuned for more to come soon
I promise the next one wont be as long!


  1. Hey, Lel. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Always appreciated.
    The Secret of Kells is a film from Ireland, not Scotland. Sorry, I had to protect my Irish pride there :-)
    They're based in Kilkenny in Ireland. Check out their site.
    They're a talented lot, and lovely guys to boot.

    Thanks again for the visit!

  2. No worries - man I feel like such a dope - I actually knew they were from Ireland, and wrote the wrong thing, my bad!

  3. Sure hope Danny isn't reading this blog...

    I think I might've been there, live when you were making those mushrooms! They sounded delicious anyway, so much so that I may hit you up for a couple when you get back (or when I get there).

    The Secret of Kells is absolutely brilliant! It's a shame it didn't get a huge showing around the world (I guess it doesn't have huge box office appeal), because it was great. Aside from the animation, which was stunning, the music was fantastic too.

    Can't believe he remembered you...did you have to say something like "Hey, remember me from Cremourne?"