Thursday, September 24, 2009

BUSY busy busy ^_^

Due to procrastination and a busy life I must now attempt to sum up the entire week (and a bit) in this one little entry, I may I'll break it into days like the other to make it easier for myself ... and you hopefully ^_^ here goes..

I'm afraid Monday to Thursday is a bit of a blur - But I'm sure it consisted of the usual combination of Cha visiting/ Taro drinking and general moseying around and wasting time. Thank god Friday sticks out, although starting out slow with an hour wait for the bus (the 222 is a difficult one to predict). You know your living in LA when it doesn't faze you to ride the bus with the incredible hulk in the morning - that would be a guy dressed up as the hulk, not Eric Banner... One of those hug worn costumers that looks like a combination of green spray paint and parts of the couch. We also got a little scare when a guy that was honked at decided to chase after us and hit the bus that KEPT breaking down!... not sure what broke in his mind to think he could take on a bus?? I walked across country to meet Shaun at Starbucks getting almost killed by a bike in the meantime (note to self, ALWAYS look before stepping of a curb, even if the little green man is beckoning you forward ^_^) My meeting with Shaun went great, even with the bizarre presence of the man sitting outside on a deck-chair complete with cup holder.

Later, getting lost downtown and finding an extremely elaborate movie shoot (complete with cranes) I picked up some art supplies, and ran into David and Rob as I made my way to Little Tokyo. I couldn't stay long so grabbed some yogurt for sustenance and caught the 92 to Glenoaks where I sorted through dust and broken wood for a decent frame at the 98c store.

Dave and I saw "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" that night followed by Thai and a really long chat where I got some prezzies (so spoiled) which included Richard Williams animation survival guide - basically the bible of animation how to's ^_^ THANKS DAVE!!

Ok I'm tiring already so the rest will have to be an arrangement of carefully thought out dot points ^_^

- Waited an Hour for the bus - again that 222 has it in for me... but I'll get the better of it next time muahaha
- First animation class, drew portraites of how we felt that morning, mine was held up! (as were a few of my pics :) Going to be in-betweening Aurora and the prince and his horse (to which I completely geeked out and squeeled like a big girl) - basically our teachers goal is to have us try for Disney in-betweening at the end of the course an get a job!
- Took three hours to get downtown to the sketch crawl, met Alina in the Bradbury building - (what an amazing place, like a giant fancy escher painting with detail in every corner, including the doorknobs! sketched for a while...
- Went to the markets - talked to a security guard while Alina was in the bathroom (poor guy looked like he had been driven insane by the many hours he has to spend outside the girls toilets EVERY day, had a laugh...
- Went back to Alina's and played piano while she got ready
- Dinner and drinks was at CHA and of course a looong chat
- Strolled down the road to Nucleus for the Terrible Yellow eyes opening - drew on the walls, talked to Brittney Lee, Kazu, Ben and Orion (Disney) had an excellent time - stayed till 11, had a street dance upon running into some of Alina's friends then got drinks and went home

- Woke up early
- Alina picked me up for our 3 hour road trip to Salvank - a little replica of country Holland, complete with windmills and lots of friendly old people (so thats where they all went...)
- Strolled around the postcard village, begailed by dancing, the smell of applekirks (definitely spelt that wrong - basically a pancake in the shape of a tennis ball, drizzled with raspberry jam and icing sugar) in the air, smiling faces, ompahpah music. Had meatballs for lunch with saurkrout - not too bad, service was a little abrupt so I took a bunch of crackers and jams to make up for it!
- Explored every corner, browsed all the stores, wound up music toys, tried on viking hats and learnt a little more about Hand Christan Anderson.
- Had a pretzel for dessert, was almost forced into a buying a kookoo clock then tired and eyes just about popping out of our heads we made for the car and the three hour journey home.. to which I proved to Alina that I really do shutdown from 3:30 to 5 then am roaring to go till 2am the next morning!
- Had tea and yogurt for dinner then made my way home with some more videos and a sore belly...

Monday was another Cha day, which saw me catch up to some drawings, designs for the book and my website as well as starting and finished "The Dip" (another present from Dave) a book about Knowing when to quite and when to stick it out - a pretty good read if you stuck in a rut ^_^

Tuesday was my errand day
- Had another Rice triangle for breaky
- Went to Woodbury to ask whether I could use their animation tables- got pushed all around campus and left with still no answer
- Rode to Micheals to get a frame - jackpot! (got materials too)
- Back to ASIFA to check if it was open, met Steve the al knowing boss of the archives and practiced some volunteer work I'll be doing from now on (I'm thinking Saturdays) and looked over the fortune of materials and references they have on offer
- Back up to Burbank for a yoghurt stop then to the Council to FINALLY get my permit so I can draw on the street ^_^ then Library to print notes, taro for extra brain strength and onto Office works to get more supplies. On the way home I stopped by Ralphs for groceries (now officially looked like a bag lady - complete with pillow and made spagbowl for dinner - yum!

Wednesday was another Cha day, the highlight was managing to finally get my hands on Coraline!! woohoo so I watched that along with a few other you tube vids to round of the night.

PHew - if your still there, go get yourself some sort of food reward, you deserve it ^_^

Over and out

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  1. Well, it seems LA is working out for you then!

  2. Hot dang that is a looooong entry!

    I have to say, I love that pic of you in the viking hat, it's very very cute. ^_^

  3. teehee ^_^... hmm just realised there is a lot of smiley faces in this comment list...