Friday, September 11, 2009

Its a Mystery!!

Warning: The entry includes strong language

Ok, momentary freak out, thought I lost my date book, I'm not saying its in my list of things to take with me in case of fire, but as my life seems to be getting increasingly busy I do need it for past and future event co-ordination ^_^

I would also like to add a note early in this entry as most of you may not reach the end - I've had a few emails recently that tell me your trying to "catch up" and life is too busy.. Its not a mystery novel people, there's no plot twists, over reaching plot developments or cliff hangers. Just read what ever entry is at the top and you should be ok...

Right, now that thats been said, we can move onto my fabulous life that I know your all vicariously living through (she jokes pathetically).

Monday was extremely educational, Alina and I spent around 5 hours wearing the soles out of our shoes stumbling around LACMA. Imagine all the museums and galleries in Sydney and combine them into one uber museum situated in the downtown area of LA. There was all sorts of cool things to look at, like the giant Tupperware sculpture outside (long lines of Tupperware dangling from the ceiling that you could walk through). We started out in the Pop art section, browsing everything from Warhole to who knows... I think the main criteria for pop art is it has to be HUMONGOUS (love that word) Honestly you could have a blow up toy crocodile stuffed through a ladder (which we actually saw) but as long as its bigger than a car its considered art... The only really cool thing was the Giant doll house... the only thing worthy of being huge, and the biggest 20 dollar bill... but only because it had a little person on it moving around and painting the white house.

Then it was of to the Pompey exhibit.. making fun of hermaphrodite sculptures and others with little pointy penis's and GIANT testicles ^_^ I started this fun little game were we had to make up a caption for each sculpture and painting... We tried to do another building but after making it round the first floor (and seeing a hysterical Dracula silent film) we conked out and had to recuperate outside in the courtyard.

Later that afternoon we had fun moseying around a little area with cool galleries and book stores, then met a friend of hers for dinner at a sleek indonesian restaurant nearby.

Tuesday's highlight was my volunteer work at Siggraph down in the LA film school. We were thanked profusely for helping place biscuits on a tray then spent the rest of the night FREEZING OUR ASSES OF inside the theatre watching 3D animation shorts and adds contributed by some of the worlds best independent and major studios and film makers. One of my faves was "French Roast" I suggest you youtube it if you've never heard of it, the character design work is amazing!! I also loved this really creepy one of a little girl that gets turned into a doll and of Course Partly Cloudy by PIXAR. There was also this brilliant add for the convenience of a particular credit card that showed a guy going from his work to home on a water slide - ALex remember when we hypothesized the creation of a slide that would take us from our beds to the dining table.. well this totally kicked out dreams ass! I was so devastated when I realised it was all 3D so my dreams of a pilgrimage to try it out were ruined...

Wednesday was CHA day (yay) and a massage to finish it all of, then today was pretty much the same... minus the massage. Why am I spending away willy nilly you ask? well I have an actual job this weekend!! thats right folks $200 is commin my way ^_^ I'm doing some caricatures at a festival somewhere I have never heard of...should be fun! Oh and I have a job interview tomorrow for another company a lot like Cartoon Kingdom so wish me luck...

For now I'll leave you with some observations of today...

- Man ran up and hit the bus after he was beeped at for being in the way
- Smokers are litter bugs! I told a smoker to throw their butt away today
- Can a cookie really be outrageous??
- Drawing big allows you to get in more detail... obvious but only a recent realisation

OH and I also got a library card! I'm trying to continue my DVD education so I got Oklahoma (the Hugh Jackman version) West side story and the Animation show - if you have any suggestions send them my way ^_^

And one very last thing (promise) did anyway send me a present recently... that is two limited edition Coraline dolls?? I got them yesterday and have NO idea why... No return address or sender info, if you have any information on this mystery please let me know asap... or I may have to send them back...

These are some sketches I did of a little baby while at Cha... thanks again to Jackie and her baby Elijah for letting me stare at them for an hour ^_^


  1. A mystery indeed Lel, a mystery indeed!


  2. I don't get it.. was it you??? If so, why'd you send me two? and how come you sent me any at all... its not even my birthday... If you didn't send them, can you start interrogating people back home to find out? ^_^ Oh and of course if you did send them - THANKS!!!!!!

  3. It was me. :P I sent two cos one is mine and they wouldn't ship to Australia! I'll pay you to ship it out to me though, so don't freak out. :P

    And hey, no need for it to be a birthday or anything like that.

  4. Your crazy!! I'm way to spoiled you know, of course I'll ship the other one out to you, just let me know your address ^_^ LOVE you!!