Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catch up

Sorry for the length - but I've saved up a few entries ^_^

Stayed at home all day to stay our of the smoke filled air thats slowly creeping round the burbank area like a monster stretching its fingers further and further, licking at the dried bush with delight... Lucky Alina could pick me up from the house today and at 6:30 it was of to the Monkey comics gallery to have a peek at the girls drawin girls exhibit (a nice blog to check out if you have time). After parking round the back we came in through the massive comic store at the front, Alina left me to browse the numerous isles then I met her in the main gallery (very small compared to the shop) for meat flying of the bbq live modeling.
We had fun sketching and chatting then saying goodbye to new friends I reversed the car out of the lot (parking is not Alina's strong point) and we finished of the night in a very disappointing Thai restaurant that charged us 10 buck for a tiny plate of veggies.

Spent all day at Cha and met some cool artists!

After going to sleep at 3am that morning I woke up again at 10:30 and had to quickly dress and start my ride down to Flower street to meet Tony at Dream Works. Not factoring in that it would be down hill most of the way I arrived half an hour early but was more than happy to sit by the main fountain and soak up my surroundings ( I saw Chris Sanders walking around!!!) After a while I met up with Tony, Joe and Devon and it was onto a free lunch (The studio provides lunch for everyone -and they even have a frozen yogurt machine!! I was in heaven). We chatted about the industry, food and drawing whilst occasionally looking over at the poker game going on in the middle of the cafeteria (the end of a big comp between the whole studio.. looks Like Jeffery K is the one to beat - who I actually bumped into... literally, he was trying to get through the crowd and asked me to move aside.. nicely ^_^)
I Spent the next 3 hours or so in their office chatting with the likes of Chen Yi Chang (lead character designer on Mulan) and Nico Marlet (character designer on Kung Fu Panda) looking at their work, soaking up the atmosphere, picking up tips and generally having such a good time I'm pretty sure half of what happened has completely left my mind. Later that day we had a coffee break (or frozen yogurt break for me) and met some more people (who I've completely forgotten their names, but they were so nice and encouraging!) then after trying to get through to James (I'd met him at lunch earlier and he asked me to stop by) but having no luck I headed back to Tony's office to see some more stuff and finally end the night with a some brilliant words of encouragement and a long ride back home (stopped over for groceries and Sushi ^_^)

Today was another trip to Cha but along the way I took down some interesting observations
- Red sun and red moon
- Had the nice bus driver
- Faces in the trees
- Lady that smelt moldy and dirt started picking hair of her chin and EATING IT!
- Man with a bicycle pump but no bicycle
- Met a nice guy and girl on the bus that want to take me to the zoo... sounds a lot more sinister than it is ^_^
- Saw a plumbing van with the name "Mr Rooter" - no kidding!


  1. The whole red moon and sun thing is creepy and kinda beautiful at the same time. I don't know what it is, but everytime I see it, it's...yeah. :P

    Tuesday sounded like such an awesome day dang lucky :<

  2. It really was! the guys were so nice ^_^