Sunday, September 6, 2009

My new monthly destination...

Well Folks,

I just finished one of the BEST breakfast's I've ever had! Picture this steamed corn, carrots and bright green broccoli florets accompanied by polish dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms, rich melt in your mouth Goulash with tender chewy gnocchi and a perfectly cooked cabbage roll stuffed with lean pork, chicken and rice! I'm salivating just thinking about it!
It was the other half of the dish I chose not to finish last night so that I'd have something special to wake up to this morning ^_^

Yesterday was really great. I woke up late and after a light breaky (was already preparing for my dinner) made my way to the Starbucks near my street to meet Hamid for a little jamming session. I was early so spent some time in Frogen Yozurt for a second breakfast and a cool down in the air-conditioning. When 11:30 rolled round and I hadn't heard from Hamid I started to worry... then after calling to confirm the location we were supposedly both at I realised with a jolt that I was at the wrong starbucks! Luckily he was very forgiving and told me to hang in there while he jumped in the car and came over to pick me up.

Later, after getting lost a few times (always a great way to get to know someone) we spent a few hours in his house playing piano, singing, going crazy on his bongo drums then rocking out to "I will survive". He was trying to teach me to be angry... but I'm not sure it was working out, I tried to explain that I'm just not an angry person ^_^ At three we wrapped up and it was more circles to try and get back to Burbank.. but we made it and after grabbing a few things in Burbank I made my way to Alina's place.

Dinner that night was ay Polka, a little Polish restaurant I'd heard about on the Food network channel. We got of to a late start after our reservation was pushed back about half an hour or so... but once we sat down we were treated like royalty.. or better yet, part of the family. After being offered complimentary drinks we were served our spinach soup and salad - the salad was really fresh with a sweet fruity dressing. then out came our mains (my breaky) followed by a complimentary dessert that was (to Alina's delight) on fire ^_^ not to mention complimentary little truffle chocolates... Safe to say they deserved their large tip, and as the doors closed for the final time that night we shook hands smiled blissfully and piled in the car with our left overs for the trip to the Hive Gallery.

We didn't stay at the gallery long as it was VERY crowded, VERY loud and EXTREMELY hot.. but there was some great artwork, some interesting looking people (you could get in for less if you dressed provocatively) and as always some strange personalities ^_^

Hope you all had a great weekend and to all the dads out there (especially mine) HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!


  1. Man, and all I had for breakfast today was toast with cheese...

  2. I had Toast with mince meat the other day - Cheese toast is pretty cool in its own way ^_^