Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thats freakin awesome! Your so gonna cry when you see this!!

Ok so it may be another long one - I'll try my best to sum up the last few days, but lets be honest, we all know I really stink at being brief... Not to mention I'm attempting to multi task by watching the MTV VMA awards at the same time as doing this which means I'm extremely distracted... honestly its taken me half an hour to write three lines...

Take 2 - its now the next day, I gave up last night at midnight when I fell asleep on my keyboard.
So where were we, I left of on Tuesday after my glorious debut volunteering for Siggraph and the next days spent at Cha. Thursday night was as always down at Priscilla's drinking tea and drawing with the gang, to which I discovered the barrister there wants to marry me and take home to meet his mum ^_^ Friday I made a trip to Studio city to Meet Shaun and Gary for an interview, the job will be a lot like the one I had at cartoon kingdom except a little less money and only teaching. I actually start training this friday for my two classes starting next week (lego and science... at least I wont have to wear a wig). It took me a while to get down there especially as I decided to walk from studio city - as always it looked a lot shorter on the map. I arrived sweating like crazy and tried my best to hide it as we went through the interview... thank god for long lasting deodorant ^_^
The interview went great and it was a pleasant journey home looking through cute little boutiques and chilling out at Bobaloca.

Saturday Howard and I got to know each other on the two hour trip to Victorville. We were set to join David for a picnic in the city as caricaturists. Howard started first while I grabbed some free food (meat smothered in sauce, beans, bread and corn - thank god I brought something green) then I joined him at 12 and David followed at 1. I was a little nervous as it was my first time doing heads and bodies, but after some really positive feedback and a lot of fun I'm seriously eager to do it again!

Sunday Alina picked me up early to go to the county fair. Imagine the Easter show minus the showbags. The air was cool when we stepped out of the car and the sky dark with the look of ominous clouds rolling in (it was great!) but as always it fined up as we made our way around the park, cheering on pigs at the races, pretending to be cowgirls at the horse barrel competitions (I actually responded with this after a guy knocked a barrel over - GO steve! don't worry cowboy, shake it of, YEEHA!) ^_^

We also strolled through the safari, patted baby animals, rode the sky line, chowed down on smoked corn and were all set to go for a GIANT turkey leg until I was told it cost 10 bucks! We cleverly avoided the most other fair cuisine which included deep fried twinkies, oreos, zuchinies, chees burgers and more! NO wonder people are fat here!

Well thats all for now

Until next time ^_^

Good times ^_^

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  1. "to which I discovered the barrister there wants to marry me and take home to meet his mum"

    Oh lord


    On another note, teaching Lego would be AWESOME. Granted, my students wouldn't actually get a chance to use the Lego...it'd just be me for hours building stuff.