Friday, November 6, 2009

No I'm the teacher...

Ok, the tv is of, I've had lunch and there is now NO MORE excuses for me not to write this blog entry... unless something major crops up in the next half hour I am determined to get this written and of my mind... crap... have to pee... be right back.

Ok I'm back... So you must be wondering what (besides laziness) could have kept me all this time - well single person reading my blog and actually interested in my adventure - thats right, don't bother looking around, your it - the one person reading this and making me feel like these times spent writing a worth while... in fact, take a break - you earned it - you got his far.. go ahead and pat yourself on the back - then grab something to nibble on - I recommend something high in long lasting energy.

I would like to report that a sudden Alien abduction has kept me - while they jabbed at my body and spoke in strange clicks and whurs all I could think of was not my own safety but my lateness of entry to this blog and your lack of entertainment for the hour or so it takes you to read it... hey you could be a slow reader - I don't judge..

But I'm am a sad to report it IS laziness - and the mounting pressure of knowing that with everyday I left it there would be more to write... so without further ado here is the last few weeks (Dad I'm dedicating it to you)

Firstly I'd like to quickly point out that last week entry I forgot to mention that Dad and I spent AGES at the bookstore on Friday and he bought me some new clothes ^_^... I realise this isn't stop the press news but I didn't want you to think that I forgot a second of time spent with him - so thanks again Dad for my books and clothes!

Ok back to it

Saturday we woke up at the usual LA time of 10:30 and headed out to the pier for breakfast at the Ivy - unfortunately it was the prospect of "saying" that rather than the food itself that lured us in - I enjoyed my omelet and its size expanding over neighboring borders but I think Dad would have preferred something with bacon in the title and the smell of waffles - not Tortillas... A word of caution - if its breakfast your after and they're asking whether you want guacamole with that - get out - get out NOW!
Full and feeling refueled we continued to the pier to explore, the highlight was watching a man and his sons ride a parachute ride (ok ready guys WOOOAHHH - no no stick your legs out - yeah - WOOOAAAHH... the thing was a few feet tall). After a lap we agreed it was looking a little tired and decided to head back the promenade to wait for our movie to start - The invention of Lying was great! In a word - Cheeky - you be the judge ^_^
Grabbing yogurt on the way back to the hotel we packed up to move to the West In as it was closer to LAX, then dumping our stuff we caught the tram to the beach for a dinner of steak and Chicken - you can guess who had what. We were almost lured into a quant Italian place offering free bread and pizza to those waiting outside but ended up with something a lot tastier and whole bunch more fancy!

I woke on Sunday (after another brilliant sleep) to an empty room as poor Dad had already caught the plan to Oakland to see the Jets play. Lying for a little longer in heaven (or otherwise known as down pillows) I dressed and headed down for a continental buffet breakfast - soled to me by a guy that honestly looked pregnant - skinny except for a hug rounded belly... An unwary cab driver took me home then it was of to work for my first FULL close (including counting the up the till - its the small things in life).

Monday I was set to meet Dad at Hollywood - so getting the call he was out of the gym (go dad) I caught the bus down and met him outside the Chinese Man theatre - we had an awesome day, walking the star pavement to see who was dead and who had a questionable mention - eating yogurt (I don't think I convinced him of its addictive powers), Spending a creepy hour at the wax museum - taking hillarious photos and spending the longest time in the gift store reading insults and excuses books. We had lunch at a Shabu Shabu restaurant then topped it all of with a screening of Astro Boy in the main theatre at the Mann usually reserved for premiers! All to soon we were looking at swatches and realizing the time - so after a 10 minute hug goodbye and some strange looks from onlookers who thought we could be part of a show I waved him goodbye in the cab and walked slowly to the bus stop for home. Dad - we really did have a blast ^_^

Deciding to move Cha day to Tuesday it was of to Alhambra this morning with my God Delusion book from Dad and some fresh sketch ideas in my head. I spent all day drawing, eating and drinking, then met Tony in Pasadena for a lift to a special interview with Paul Felix in a little place on Magnolia (Felix is a concept designer for Disney). We had a great time that night learning and soaking up the brilliance offered by Felix and his insane "I want to crawl up in a ball and rock myself back and forth vowing to never draw again" drawings. I also met a nice lady from the recruitment centre at Disney and am hoping she remembers me come decision time... Later after a chat with one of Tony's friends we spent 20 minutes looking for the car before it was home and bed.

Wednesday it was Tuesday all over again with a Cha session then a rendezvous with Tony at the end of the day - this time we were of to the Arc light cinema for a screening of Coraline, complete with interview with Director HENRY SELICK agghhhhhh. It took us a while to find the place as we realised sheepishly we'd been going up and down the wrong street, but we found it in the nick of time - parked - and avoiding the circus which was Boon Dogs 2 premier to find our seats in the downstairs cinema and I have my work critiqued by a nice guy who was friends with Brad Bird himself!! The movie was EXCELLENT and so much cooler to see on the big screen. Later at the reception we got to speak to Henry who signed my sketch book (look on my DA page) then feeling sick after numerous Swedish meatballs (what can I say, they were free) and clutching out Free Coraline buckets and t-shirts, we stole a poster from the front and ran out - laughing like lunatics the whole time - Nice one Tony! :P

Thursday I had magnetic car building in class that afternoon, which took waaaaay longer than expected and the reward for completing them was taking them apart seconds later - sorry kids - Not to mention before it started I was mistaken for one of the kids... (no this is not a joke - I don;t who was more shocked me or the lady when I told her I was actually the teacher) The day continued to decline when I realised I'd run out of money for the bus and still couldn't take money out of my card - cut to me asking an old lady outside Ralphs for money like a junky that needed a little extra cash for a fix - totally Humiliating!! the next bus I was able to get on out of sheer pity and a vouch from an indian women that thought I looked innocent (she kept swiveling around in her seat giving me the thumbs up like we'd cheated the system). back in Burbank I was able to borrow 1.25 of Migel for a ride to the sketch club only to discover no one was there as Pricillas was having a mixer - worrying about a ride back I was saved by Ratnar who after a short session of drawing with a few late comers drove me home. (Just want to take the time to appologise for giving you the wrong directions home Ratnar - its not like me to forget my left and rights!)

Friday morning Hamid picked me up around midday for our road trip down to San Diego - based on passed experience I was slightly worried we'd get lost, but after only one minor detour we made it for lunch in the mall were the performance was being held. I chose stuffed cabbage and Golden spoon yogurt for dessert ^_^
Feeling stuffed and happy I nestled myself in the corner of the Persian restaurant drawing, chatting to the band watching them set up. A few hours later they were good to go so with the knowledge we had to be back in a few hours Hamid and I drove down the beach for a walk along the cliffs as the sun set. As the sun sank behind the endless stretch of deep blue sea and moon rose to a chilly night we decided to head back from some dinner. I had baked eggplant with enough rice to feed a small Army whilst Hamid went for a buttery sweet chicken dish. feeling defeated by our meals we asked for a doggy bag and were offered fresh bread to take with us (my breakfast for the last week or so). The performance was awesome, the band was on fire, the lead singer crooning to the crowd in Persian as everyone and their grandma got down and danced - All started by a little girl who was first up and started bellydancing in front of the whole restaurant - MISS YOU LIL - There was also a performance by Silhouette - The persian version of the Veronicas ^_^ After much Dancing and sneaking up to the secret room to check my emails I fell asleep in the car waiting for Hamid to grab his equipment and it was a two hour trip back home... worried the whole time that Hamid was going to fall asleep at the wheel...


  1. You met Henry Sellick!? DANGIT LEL! I just realised that this was the first time you saw Coraline as well, wasn't it? Was it in 3D, or not? I have to say, it's definitely my favourite stop-motion animated film of all time, quite easily eclipsing Burton's work on Corpse Bride and Nightmare: it had better character designs, a cooler story and, was awesome.

    I can only guess who had the chicken btw. :P

    Running out of money and driving home late...goodness. I think the word 'crazy' doesn't have enough meaning behind it anymore...

  2. Yeah it was 3D - SO AWESOME!!! I'd say definitely Corpse bride... I think Nightmare is too different to judge though...
    The chicken - well I guess I'm predictable
    and the craziness - I'll try and stay safe ^_^