Monday, November 30, 2009

Spring and Summer every other day.....

Hey guys

So first a little disclaimer - this is only half done, I'm missing friday, sat and Sunday which (for those of you playing at home) were the days of CTN. I can't remember a lot of what I did so I'm looking around this tiny tiny room for my schedule to remind me... in the meantime I thought I'd put the rest of the week up.. I figure by the time you get around to reading it I would have found the piece of paper I'm looking for...that is... in a few days ^_^

Monday things returned to normality with a good dose of crazy bus travels, moseying around Pasadena avoiding the countless people on the street asking for money (both bums and charity volunteers) then sitting in Cha eating, drinking and drawing. As the dark began to take over the afternoon and the temperature dropped I checked my phone for the time (for those of you who just fell of your chair in shock I'd like to re-iterate that I was carrying my phone and yes it was charged ^_^) It was almost time to meet Tony outside to make our way to the El Capitan for a private screening of Waking sleeping Beauty. We were running late, a fact I was unconcerned with while we continued to play my ipod music through his great sounding stereo. but the reality sat in when we arrived and walked into a packed theatre of animators and industry execs. Turns out we had showed up to a special Disney screening and were incredibly out of place amongst a theater of veterans... But the movie was absolutely phenomenal - funny, sad, moving... everything a documentary usually isn't. The credits came up and the calibre of people in the theatre hit us when we turned to leave to discover Ron Clements sitting RIGHT BEHIND US - I nearly fell over Tony as we shuffled through the isle and only managing a feeble squeak put my hand out to shake his... I vaguely remember saying "Hi, I'm such a fan... can I... can I shake your hand?"
Hanging around in the lobby on the advice of Dawn - (our Disney insider) we spent the next half hour shaking hands with the likes of John Musker, Glen Kean, Ken Duncan, Andreas Dega and much more ^_^

Tuesday I needed a break and decided to chill out at home before work, catching up on emails, putting on some washing and leading a nice quite life till my shift started at 3. I finished that night at 9 - a lucky break as Ms Seni let me go home instead of staying to cash up ^_^

Wednesday was of course another Cha day were I continued to work on some drawings and try and finish my book - Guards Guards Guards... for such a small book it certainly takes a while to get through... I blame teeny tiny writing. But the day on the whole was relatively uneventful, I'd say the quiet before the storm - better known as Thanksgiving ^_^

While everyone was of with Family I woke up late with not a care in the world... Burbank was deserted and eerily quite I noticed as I sat at Thai eating my shrimp dumplings and reading my giant Peter De Seive book (a birthday present to myself from the expo). Now before you get the wrong idea I do have excellent friends that all invited me to their respective family get together's, but after 4 days of networking and practicing impeccable social editicate.. a few late nights and a lot of early mornings... I just couldn't bring myself to do the "good house guest routine" ...That afternoon my spirits were lifted by the countless birthday messages from home flooding my facebook page (thanks again guys!) and a good dose of you tube watching as I drew and coloured in ^_^

Friday the 27th came and left fairly unceremoniously - you know, I miss that birthday feeling you got as a kid. You'd wake up that day and it just felt different, the air tasted better, your had this incredible feeling of excitment, and everyone seemed to know it was a special day, in fact any joy around you you'd assume was directly related to the fact the world was celebrating you were born. You got automatic shotgun on the ride to school, your songs were played on the radio, you decided the games in the playground and best of all what was for dinner. But despite the lack of the feeling I had a great day none the less.. It started by almost freezing my ass of.. or more specifically any extremities exposed to the wind as I rode to work in the dark at 5:30 in the morning. The lines had already started to form outside to mark the beginning of black Friday (a tradition in America of Sales after Thanksgiving). As predicted NO ONE wanted Ice cream at 6 in the morning so things were pretty slow till I left at one, then it was straight down to the 2nd floor for 20% of a haircut (yay for mall employees) and feeling self conscious as my hair bounced around with a newly appointed shine I had lunch, got desert and waited for Tony to pick me up for a FREE screening of Fantastic Mr Fox down in Hollywood. The movie was ok... I fell asleep half way through, but it had some decent lines and some quirky animation. I rounded of the night with eggplant stirfry for dinner and another good dose of broadway on you tube - I'm now completely obsessed with Spring Awakening - the soundtrack is awesome!!

Well I'll be back asap for the CTN update, for now its bedtime... I really need to stop going to sleep at 2 in the morning...

- Your Now 23 year old US correspondent


  1. oooooo. very nice job. Hope you color it in.

  2. Thanks! I did actually... you can check it out on my DA page ^_^

  3. Heck, I'd be happy just spotting some of those Disney guys from a distance, let alone meeting them! Seriously, it'd be a complete highlight of my life if I could say "I totally saw Ron Clements!".

    I know exactly what you mean about the birthday feeling, I miss it too. Maybe I'm too jaded or something. Sounds like you had a good day regardless, which is better than nothing. ^_^