Thursday, November 19, 2009

You dropped something.....

Its Thursday morning...I feel tired, a little crusty... and there's this stubborn bit of sleep in my eye that wont come out unless I take out the tweezers- which will mean a sore eye for the entire day, so for now its won this battle... but not the war....

So how is everyone? (you'll have to call it out reasonably loud so I can hear you...) good? I hope your all good - I'm ok myself - a little frazzled at the moment trying to get things organised. CTN is up this weekend and there still seems to be quite a bit to get done... as of yesterday I can check business cards of the list, but my portfolio is far from complete...

because of this ever increasing window of opportunity to finish things this entry will have to remain short - "so what only 12 pages this time instead of 20?" I notice a tone of sarcasm in your voice - don't deny it - and nether do I, I suspect it will end up longer than I want, but such is my nature... and my lousy ability to be direct - I'm a beat around the bush kinda gal.

Before I really kick things of though I'd just like to mention - for those playing at home - that although I'm sure your all eagerly anticipating my birthday coming up on the 27th and want desperately to shower me with gifts of appreciation for giving you this lovely blog to waste your time... PLEASE don't send me things (unless they are money or other things that can be sent electronically - including E-cards - as long as they sing...) I have a VERY VERY small room not to mention taking things back home is going to be tricky...

Ok onto the last week... I've actually started writing things down so I can remember better -
We left of on Friday - a day Hamid says he now owes me for - Once again Hamid - I had a GOOD TIME - not to mention I got a shit load of free food which lasted me the entire week.... could explain my weird tummy though...

Saturday was Halloween, made known by the bucket of "candy" greeting us in Animation class that morning. After an hour of drawing and marveling at the frequency flicker effect... (fancy name for animation) Tony and I went over to the bank to start up my Bank of America account... how our conversation with the teller got onto weird couples and being patient I don't know - I do know that I walked away with 1 dollar in my savings account and the prospect of a new card with panda on it ^_^
I had work till late that day - made strange by the man calling me up on my phone (I had no idea I'd lost it - for those of you that know me this is a less surprising occurrence - more predictable). I rushed from Haagan Dasz at 9:45, got changed into my Bliss costume (skirt over my pants and my bike helmet) then it was of to my first Halloween house party - A night of drinking (no not me) Freezing and chatting with Jesus, Harry Potter (complete with Hedwig - you looked awesome Tony) and some death metal guy... honestly you'd think mascara was more a girl thing... The highlight was seeing a girl that had obviously tried to dress up as a nerd and really just looked like she raided my wardobe... We wrapped the night by watching Aladdin at a haunted house... we ALL fell asleep ^_^

Sunday morning I stumbled out of bed early to meet the guy holding my phone captive - they actually hassled me about not using my phone... I have my family for that buddy! Then it was work (by myself) till 9 and straight home to bed - ok so I may have stopped for yogurt and Taro on the way...

Monday was Cha day - Then just when my bum was starting to loose all feeling from sitting there all day, Jen picked me up and we drove to Irvine to see Josh and any one else from IV floating around (IV - International Village) We stopped into Cha first (another one) for dinner, then it was into campus to watch some live Comedy at the pub - my favourite was this guy that did an excellent song about your "first time" - comic genius!!!
We left shortly after (I felt sorry for the next guy - it was like going to sing on stage after Beyonce or Christina... tough act to follow...) bumped into a few people then got directions home - Thanks again for an awesome night Jen!

Tuesday was errand day - the highlight was getting my legs waxed - not the waxing part but the discount after - only 30 bucks!! agghh nothing like a good discount to make your day - I also had a major scanning session, ate sushi and generally just relaxed ^_^

Wednesday it was back to Cha- the monotony broken only by a big hard sticky thing falling onto my hand then into my helmet - to my horror I discovered it was a lollypop - straight from the mouth of the guy standing over me - GROSSSSS! I pased it back mentioned pointedly that he'd dropped it and amazingly it went straight back into his mouth!!!!!

It is at this point that I would like to publicly apologise for making fun of anyone
that used hand sanitiser in my presence - It definitely came in handy at this
moment - both on my hands AND the inside of my helmet...

That night Alina and I met up to go to a Disney portfolio drop - not quite what I thought it would be, but it was nice catching up with Alina while we waited in line, not to mention meeting Alison - a really sweet recruiter eager to add us on linked in and generally help us out ^_^

Thursdays science class was dealing with Corn starch and water to make quicksand - what it actually made was this weird gloop and a HUGE mess - but the kids loved it and I convinced them to take most of it home - parents were not as happy - muahahaha. Sketch club that night was really fun - especially as Matt and Edd were back - missed you guys! ^_^

Friday I came into burbank early to do some errands - for example waiting in line at the library for the homeless people to finish surfing the internet - pretty sure I saw one checking his emails.... I also got some groceries and had to walk home with them as a nice guy from the YMCA locked my bike after I had told him I didn't have a key... grumble grumble. Hamid picked me up that night for a jamming session back at his - we got through a few songs then got distracted by Who's line - The likeness between you and Drew Carey still freaks me out Dad :P

Class on Saturday was kinda dead as only a few showed up - but we plugged through our Ariel clean up none the less - and I proudly presented my "one perfect drawing" to a pleased Alex, just to show him if I'm not being lazy, my clean up volumes are right on the money.. or model... Tony and I headed to our usually lunch meeting at Pho then it was dessert and work till late.

I Opened again Sunday morning, (honestly I may as well have slept at work) then left at three to do some last minute (slightly panicked) photocopying for a little pamphlet of my work to hand out at the Animation army meet that night. After dinner at a new Thai place - not so much as new as I'd never been there before, and thanking Alina again and again for my cool prezzies (she wont be here for my birthday)
- Awesomely soft bed socks with sticky feet
- THREE cool brush pens
- A whole box of Light blue col-erase pencils
- Wicked ORIGINAL watercolours from her sketchbook
- Chopsticks
- A cute little purse in the shape of an apple
Safe to say you seriously spoiled me Alina!!
Running late from trying to find a car spot we rushed into the studio relieved to discover everyone standing around chatting. We both slapped on some name tags and decided to divide and conquer - I was just finished chatting to Kyle (met him a while ago) and had started talking to some other animators and illustrators when it was time to sit on the floor and listen to the panel of recruiters tell us how to get a job. They had some interesting insights - and even better things to say when I went up after and talked to them individually. Two of the three seemed really eager to get me work before I had to leave - so I left the night on a high.. that was until I discovered I couldn't find my house key...

Monday - I borrowed Heather's key and headed to Cha for some thinking and drawing - finally finishing my God Delusion book along the way(thanks again for the book Dad). Unfortunately in my haste to finish I had it held up whilst getting on the bus - a fact made clear by the bus driver who decided to announce on the loudspeaker to the entire bus that I was an atheist - waaaay to go dude :(
I got a bit done that afternoon then making it home FINALLY got to have a good long chat with mum

I'll leave it there for now as I have to get going - Not to mention I'm actually getting on top of the entries - well until after CTN

-Your faithful (slightly lazy) corespondent Lel ^_^

My New Card - let me know what you think :)


  1. Hey Lesley!

    It was so great meeting you last week at CTN

    we should def. keep in touch cuz I would loooove to come to Australia to check out the animation scene down there!


  2. It was great meeting you too Tapan!! No worries, I'll let you know when I'm back home so you can come over and I'll show you around ^_^ In the meantime where abouts are you in the states?

  3. I'm currently still in Burbank, but I'm originally from Toronto and I'll be going home for Christmas soon. Have you ever been to Canada? I'll be coming back down to LA sometime in January/February though

  4. Love the chubby arms and elbows and body shape!

  5. Thanks Aaron!

    Oh man Tapan - I really want to go to Canada! I was going to try and get there before I leave... I was thinking Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal maybe ^_^ If your around in Jan/feb let me know, I'd love to catch up for coffee or something ^_^

  6. I think that apology is probably directed mostly to your dad and then to me as well...I'm fairly certain I stopped using it after you noticed. :P

    Man, the homeless are really glitzing it up if they get emails nowadays...

    I do love the card by the way, everything about it feels just right. :)