Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breath through your mouth

I'm sitting in the library right now, listening to the girl next to me burst out in spontaneous bouts of laughter, looking at the clock and wondering HOW THE HELL we ended up in MID MARCH! I know I've mentioned this before... once or twice maybe... but it is honestly freaking me out that only yesterday I was staring into the sky watching the 2010 fireworks display and hugging myself to ward away the brisk winter chill and now its the begining of spring, and we're already 2 and a half months into the new year... thats almost a quarter of the year gone (for those that struggle with maths). I'm 24 this year - no not old I know... but still along way of from that 10 year old that sat on her bed thinking, this is it.. probably not going to feel any older than this... only two years away from a projected life plan (made when I was 7) of being married with a kid in a nice cottage perpetualy dressed in overalls and painting the cieling, with a roaring fire in the hearth and some good jazz music in the background (preferably Ella Fitzgerald) - I thought it was important at the time to be visually specific when describing my future. Is this it - is this how fast life is going to go from now on?? If so I wish someone had told me - those times when two hours in the car seemed like an eternity of sitting, singing and looking at a monotony of trees speed by - someone had said - "hey" (cos in this fantasy my person of knowledge and leadership is fairly abrupt and not really polite) "hey - just appreciate alright! Because in ten years time an hour will be a milisecond, a day will be an hour and a year will seem like a really long day"

So with that of my chest I continue with my week - but before you go get yourself a snack - or just piss of entirely know that I wont continue as normal... for one thing not a lot happened this week - and as much as I don't want to bore your pants of I mostly don't want to relive it. I thought instead I'd just give you the bare bones - the straight facts - The "highlights" if you will.

Monday's highlight was missing the bus whilst wasting time in target finding out about store brand vitamins then catching 4 buses through woop woop to make it home before the next day.
Tuesday's higlight was seeing snowy mountains whilst walking to Cha - A rare and startling phenomenon when coming from a relitively flat country perpetually plagued by drought.
Wednesday saw Tony and I finally living up to our saintly persona's by visiting ASIFA for a bit of volunteer work and meeting a new friend that amazingly sat through my extremely eclectic taste in music.
Thursday was the day I discovered the podcast "The Tobolowsky files" a hark back to good old fashioned story telling. As well as small but nice sketch meet that night - I also came accross a fellow countryman who was nice enough to regail us with various highlights from his IMDB page and give my the contact information of the man that used to own Disney in Australia - he thought I'd appeal to the man based on the fact I'm young, Asutralian and a girl...
We'll skip over Friday
Saturday was more time at CHA - Cha being a highlight in itself
Then Sunday I worked all day with the lowlight being an almost three hour chat with my boss after hours that ended with me walking home listening to slit your wrist music and crying like an idiot trying to re-evalute my life and personality...

Well there you have it - not as bad as I thought - and for once a nice breif summery - something I used to think meant you only had to leave out the bits about you breathing and going to the toilet.

Hope your all well -

I'll leave you with some advice -
when travelling on public transport allways remember to breath through your mouth - This not only stops the mix of BO and homeless man stench perminently lining the sides of your mostrils but also stops you from passing out and missing your stop.



  1. I have to say the phenomenon of life traveling way too fast is something that's becoming more and more apparent (and very scary) to me as well, especially recently.

    And not to get all mushy, but if it's any consolation to you, I'm constantly motivated to better myself and to re-evaluate my life based on, well, you (so hopefully you didn't get too down on yourself).

    P.S. The Jeep is better than ever.

  2. If you start thinking it's a great idea to rethink your personality that I'm going to have to knock some sense into you, I'm afraid. You do risk alienating your little boyfriend over here in Australia after all...

  3. Tony - I know right! freaky!! as for the second part - shucks dude... your like my personal cheer squad, If only I could pack you in my bag and bring you out when ever my boss gives me shit (lol) and Yay for our now shared mode of transportation ^_^

    Ant - not to worry, I'll always be your lel xoxox

  4. haha the bus is great, so many characters smells, ahh the smell of bo.
    I had a bit of a crappy week, my animation was garbage this week, not sure why i cannot get it right.
    oh by the way did you take a painting class at schoolism? and if so which one and how was it, hey keep working hard,the work will pay off, I knew you have probably hear it a millions times as have I and I am still waiting for my big break but i can feel it.